Vacation Tips: How To Pack When Traveling.


Its that time of the year when we decide to let out the steam.

2020 was one really long year. I mean, a ton of things happened and a lot of people were like ‘Na this year too ?’ – It translates to ‘Did this also happen this year ?’

Nobody is judging you if you decide ‘I’m taking a vacation

They are very important as they help clear the mind and also give you motivation to achieve certain goals.

You’ve decided ‘I’m going to the Bahamas to swim with the dolphins’

But you don’t really know what you’ll need.. especially if its your first time travelling out of the country.

Not to worry, Life Saddle got you.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how and what to pack for your vacation.

Vacation Tip 1: The very first thing to do is Research your destination

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Check the weather.

Do not assume what the weather should be. You can check out before you start to make other plans.

It’ll help you save the cost of spending a lot more money on clothes and other items.

Vacation Tip 2: Create a checklist

  • What activities do you plan to engage in ?
  • How long is your vacation for and what is your schedule for each day ? Places you plan to visit.
  • Your choice of clothing and accessories? List every item you are considering taking.
  • Toiletries. What do you need ?
  • Items that should be in your Backpack or Carry-on Luggage. ( They might be the only possession you have for a few hours. Plan wisely)
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Vacation Tip 3: Choose your clothing and footwear choice wisely

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Choose outfits you can play around with, a flexible wardrobe works every time.

Pack convertible/multipurpose items such as dresses that can be worn in multiple ways.

Pack thin layers of clothing that can be easily layered up incase of a weather change.

Coordinate your outfits with colors and designs so you only pack items that work well with each other.

Your items should also be packed in layers to ensure easy screening at the airport.

Vacation Tip 4: Do not pack what you can buy/rent at your destination

Renting an equipment may be way cheaper than carrying yours and paying extra for shipping. Make enquiries and find out how much it costs.

Get travel size bottles for your toiletries and liquids or consider ditching them and getting from a store at your destination.

There’s a possibility that they might leak or explode and damage your clothing and other important things.

It also makes your luggage a lot lighter.

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Vacation Tip 5: Essentials for your carry-on Luggage/ Backpack

As I mentioned earlier, they might be the only possession you have for a few hours.

Here a couple of things that should be in it – Your passport, identification, money, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, medication, water bottle, sunscreen, a change of cloth and other valuables you can’t afford to lose should incase your luggage gets missing.

Your carry-on luggage should be kept light nevertheless.

Vacation Tip 6: The Ideal is to pack Light

You also don’t want to be charged extra for your baggage fees.

  • Go over your checklist again and remove unnecessary items.
  • Wear your bulkiest shoes and clothes to lighten your luggage.
  • Roll your clothes tightly so you have more space in your luggage.
  • Get a plastic bag for your medications and beauty products, that way you save up the container space.

As a side note : Have a copy of your travel documents and prescription online incase it goes missing.

Looking forward to your feedback on how this helped your vacation plans.

What other tips do you have for packing light when you go on vacation?

Also, do let me know if there’s something you do and I missed out.

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