Top 7 Muscle-building foods for guys

muscle-building; ninolowo; mr ibu

Hey guys! Do you know building abs and muscle-building starts long before you ever hit the gym? Couple of my friend are the fit-fam family; lazily, I am not one of them. You have to be a food disciplinarian to be a proud fitness family.

muscle-building; ninolowo; mr ibu

Muscle development requires a formula based on drinking a lot of liquids and eating the correct nutrients. Rich foods comes first before lifting weights. The right method will fuel exercises, repair muscle tissue, and enable you to shape your body.

7 muscle-building foods

Wayne, one of the personal trainer I follow online, said that most of his clients do not care about nutrition. Therefore, put all the effort they invested in training to waste. There is no way you can be working out, lifting weight, and be careless about what you eat every day.  The following 7 foods below will help you with your muscle-building course:

Fruits and vegetables

Veggies and fruits are the foundation of all healthy diets. They provide fibre, vitamins, minerals and fluids. Vegetables contain little measures of protein.

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Also, antioxidants are essential substances for the excellent performance of your immune system. Veggies and fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants. The fibre from these veggies and fruits help your body to digest properly. Finally, it helps with nutrients uptake. You should not underestimate the importance of those fruits and vegetables in your muscle-building pursuit.

Low-fat dairy

Diary low in fat gives high-quality protein, carbs and fundamental vitamins, e.g. vitamin D, calcium and potassium. Sports nutritionists will advise you to make chocolate milk your tasty workout recovery beverage. You can try yoghurt with active measures if you can not tolerate lactose.

There is, however, series of studies that say dairy products cause pimple. Therefore, if you are someone who is having them in abundance, you need to watch it. I am not sure anybody will trade an excellent skin for muscle-building.

Lean meat

Lean meat provides an abundance of protein, iron for oxygen transport to muscles, and amino acids, including leucine. Additionally, Rosenbloom referred to it as a trigger for muscle development.

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Beans and whole grains

Whole grains and beans are quality carbs that possess small amounts of protein for energy. Also contains proteins for muscle repair along with vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants.


Raw and roasted nuts are a good source of protein. As long as you avoid salt, they contain vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, and healthy fats. It’s noteworthy to mention that you should avoid salt in your nuts for efficacy.


Eggs possess all of the essential amino acids. Taking one a day is beautiful according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, but don’t throw out yolk. Multiple nutritionists has pointed that half the protein in an egg is in the yolk; hence, the importance. It also contains other essential nutrients like lutein for eye health.

Dark-meat chicken

Chicken with dark meat supplies  25% more iron than those with white meat. It also provides three times the zinc for a healthy immune system. Dark meat is better than the white, no pun intended.


While pursuing the muscle-building dream, put nutrition at the highest priority. Lastly, while some of these foods are great for the muscle, be sure they are suitable for your system.



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