Toilet infections causes, signs and easy treatments

toilet infections

Toilet infections are medical conditions that affects, mostly, the female gender. These infections occur when foul fluids come out of the genitals. Most times, the genital starts to itch and this cause discomfort.

toilet infections

There are various types of toilet infections. However, common types of these infections are bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis. It is noteworthy to mention that there is toilet infection in men, although, very rare.

Causes of toilet infections

Public and dirty toilets

The easiest way to contract toilet infection is by using unclean toilet. Ladies should be wary of using unclean pit latrines and water closet system. If you can, avoid public toilet.


Douching is the method ladies often use to clean themselves up after using the toilets. Ladies need to clean themselves up properly and avoid the use of harmful solvents.


Due to the rate by which hormones secreted during pregnancy, ladies are prone to have toilet infection during pregnancy period.

Dirty underwears

It is so sad that we still find ladies who wear the same underwears for a week. I thought only guys do that! Ladies who refuse to change their underwears regularly are prone to toilet infection.

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Using deodorants

Some ladies use perfumes and deodorants on their main private part because they want it smell nice. Like seriously? Who cares about such things in this age and time when money is there to be made? Ladies should take proper care of themselves without these frivolities.

You sure need to know the real signs of infection as well as curing this disease. Continue reading next page below.


Signs of toilet infections

Many ladies are infected with obvious signs. However, they don’t seem to suspect infection. Therefore, watch out for below signs;

Irregular menstrual flow

When a lady starts to have menstrual flow, that is abnormal on a frequent ratio, it may be because of toilet infection. Meanwhile, I made a post about menstrual pain solution, which can be helpful.

Constant itching in the private part

When you start having persistent itching around your private part, then it is sure you have the disease. Sometimes, this itching comes with so much pain.

Pain from the abdomen

This is also known as the abdominal pain. There are many things that can lead to abdominal pain. However, when you notice this sign with one or two other signs on this page, then be prepare to treat infection.

Urinal pain

When we feel pain and discomfort when trying to urinate, you are infected.

Abnormal genital discharge

Women usually secretes fluids. But when it becomes more than they normally discharge, it may be toilet infection.

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 Prevention of toilet infections

  1. Ladies should stop using perfumes and deodorants to their vag!nas.No one cares, please!
  2. Change your underwears daily. Leave the one brief per week to guys alone (didn’t mean that).
  3. Please carry toiletries whenever you are going out, in case of emergencies (it doesn’t look nice for a queen to be begging for tissue).
  4. Asides changing your underwears, please don’t borrow friends your undies, it’s not hygienic, even guys don’t do that!
  5. Be careful with those you have sexual intercourse with. Have one partner and always protect yourself.

Treatment of toilet infections

Treating toilet infection depends on the particular type of infection that you have been infected with.

  1. Periodontal gel is known to be effective against the BV virus.
  2. Garlic, especially the peeled one, has been confirmed to be effective against toilet infection. This is because garlic has allicin, which fights against the BV virus.
  3. Metronidazole and tinidazole are very effective antibiotics against trichomoniasis. Please use them only in single doses and they are safe for pregnant women. Also note that you can transmit trichomoniasis sexually, therefore inform your sexual partner if you have any.
  4. Most toilet infections are treatable with antifungal creams like terconazole (Terazol 3), butoconazole (Gynazole-1) and clotrimazole (Gyne-Lotrimin).


Please see a doctor, if all these treatments fail. In conclusion, toilet infections and diseases can be harmful to your body. Take swift medical prescriptions once you notice the symptoms.


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