Tips to enjoy Paris vacation

Paris vacation

Paris vacation is beyond a doubt one of the most beautiful experience in the world. There is so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn. This capital city of France is adventurous with interesting cultures, people, fashion and food. What’s not to love?

Paris vacation

If you are planning a Paris vacation, there are a few basic tips that you will pretty much need.  It should be in everyone’s dream to visit Paris at least once in a lifetime.

Tips for your Paris vacation

While the feeling of Paris vacation sounds amazing, there is one thing that bugs people’s mind when it comes to travelling to a different place especially for the first time – what to pack. You know the saying “if you pack too much stuff, you are going to have a bad day?” Well if you did not, you do now!

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Do Not Pack Too Much Stuff, Pack Light

Most buildings in Paris are old and without elevators, besides it is not the best ideas to have many suitcases with you to a new place; it only encourages misplace of your stuff.

You are going to regret dragging two or three suitcases all around the buildings. You have to be smart – get a suitcase preferably with wheels and pack basic clothing that fit perfectly into any time of the day.

Choose Outfits That Can Fit Into Any Season

On the choice of clothes, ladies should consider packing dresses and skirts that can easily transition from day tonight. This will save you a lot of space in your luggage.  Dudes cannot go wrong with shirts and dark pants/jeans; it is also advisable to pack on skirts, panty holes and jackets that you can re-wear and style as different outfits.

Basically, all I am trying to say is that you should bring along with you outfits that are comfortable for the weather. Travel light and choose carefully all you are shoving into that suitcase of yours.

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Pack an Adaptor

In addition, it is advised to pack an adaptor with you are going to need it for your electronic gadgets because the electrical system in Paris is quite different from the system in the United States. You will also need a camera (with memory card and battery) to accompany you everywhere you go. Paris is such a beautiful place with so many beautiful locations. Get a camera and make some memories.

Buy a French Phrasebook

This next tip is really important as it helps you blend in with the locals. If you are not so fluent in French, you might want to get yourself a French phrasebook as it will help you communicate with the locals easily since they mostly speak French. What is a vacation if you can enjoy every bit of what the city has to offer, who knows you might make a friend or two before you return.

Extra tips

Have an umbrella with you as Paris weather can be unpredictable, you might want to leave your white sneakers at home, and get a tote bag for your tourist visits. Lastly, if you can, travel with a useful partner who knows the into-to.


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