The waiting period in Love

the waiting period in love

The importance of waiting period in love matters often go without much attention. Love is a journey, an enchanting one which many embark on to find inner peace and emotional satisfaction. True, this journey is great but many embark on it unprepared and with so many flaws that even a blind man can see.

the waiting period in love

Previously, I published “Finding Love in this new decade“, you should read it if you missed it. Ongoing on this journey, one needs to prepare himself so as not to finish his journey at a dead end.

The waiting period in love for ladies

Between the last guy and the next guy, there is a period of ‘being single’ and that, my friend is the waiting period in love.

The period of waiting is that period where you equip yourself, you girdle yourself towards the next challenges that you will be facing in the aspect of relationships and other areas of your life. You will definitely have challenges; it’s a very normal and interesting phenomenon.

After a break-up, the ideal thing is for you to actually sit down and think about the lapses and why it occurred and why you were not able to correct it. When you do this, you close doors to making the same mistakes.

What to do in waiting period

Know what you want

No man and I repeat, no man wants a confused puddle for a partner. Know what kind of man you want. Know what you want to see in him and not just those silly thinking that, ‘he should be tall, dark and handsome, a gentleman, be caring, loving, full of surprises and all’ because even the devil is capable of all these. That is really maximizing the waiting period in love.

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Discover your talents

No man wants a liability. You’ve got to trust me on this one, no matter how rich he might be and how much he says he doesn’t want you to work. Make sure you discover your talent and what you can do that will bring money in because no one knows tomorrow. And when should you do this if not during the period of WAITING? That period is the time you can put yourself to maximum use by discovering what appeals most to you.

Everyone has a uniqueness about him or her and your uniqueness is all you need to unravel those mind-blowing ideas. If need be, go to seminars, conferences, trainings and you can always refer to the internet to aid your discovery.

Leave room for improvement

As much as you can do this and you can do that, leave room for improvement. There are three phases in learning, Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.’ Following these phases will help you improve yourself.

Treat yourself

You cannot give what you do not have. If you have not learned to love yourself despite all your shortcomings and you have not learned to amuse and make yourself happy when no one is around to take the job, then you cannot make someone else happy and you cannot love the other person adequately. This period gives you time to have fun, treat yourself right and make memories for yourself. Learn to take care of yourself first and then you will be able to take care of the other person.

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There is so much more you can utilize this period for but to be honest, some Waiting Period can be quite long but please, do not get desperate.

The waiting period in love for guys

Love is not a tempest and lots of flaws need to be fixed.  Hence, you will not to mar the coming of something beautiful in your life.

Fix that insecurity

The first is insecurity, which is a bane to many promising relationships and a result of mainly past relationships. People tend to develop fears over a tomorrow which reeks of uncertainty and tend to conjure bad feelings from the depth of their hearts as a result of an experience which should be forgotten for what it is.

To have a blissful relationship, one needs to do away with insecurities or else it will hamper the relationship and endanger it beyond repair.

Discard the past

Everyone has a past, no matter how beautiful or ugly but the past must be forgotten whether we like it or not. Attachment to the past does not only hinder progress, it also destroys the present which much preparation has gone into.

Someone who wants to sojourn through the ocean of love must forge ahead, leave the past behind and work towards a better tomorrow for a fulfilling love life.


The waiting period in love deserves more attention. It is the time in life you make a better tomorrow for love life. Therefore, spend time with yourself, become better, reflect and forge ahead. I hope you find something extremely beautiful.



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