Skin bleaching: Causes, effects and natural skin enhancements


Nowadays, many people refer to skin bleaching as skin toning or skin lightening. Notwithstanding, bleaching is mostly a deliberate attempt at changing the original skin colour and texture. People who go through with the process have diverse chemical options such as soaps, creams and moisturisers.

skin bleaching

Generally, most women bleach their skin from black to fair. As much as I know, I have never come across the reverse case of bleaching from fair to black. Although, some claim that their aim is not to change colour, but to remove certain spots and skin infections. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read MOUTH ODOUR SOLUTION.

Why embark on skin bleaching

1. Inferiority complex

Some people tone their skin because of the gross inferiority complex. This perspective is more like the general reason for going through the risky process of skin bleaching.

2. Competition

Some people tone to achieve their quest of looking more attractive than their mates. In most cases, they are usually alone in this competition.

3. Blacks’ low self-esteem

Due to the low self-esteem exhibited by some blacks, they prefer being light skin. They do this believing it will aid them in a certain area in Life. Meanwhile, I use to be curious about their aim until a certain shim making living out of this risky practice.

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4. Peer pressure

A good number of women tone their skin, hugely because their friends are engaging in such activities. Some women basically have no mind of their own.

Reason to avoid cream bleaching

1. It weakens the skin. Many women have various skin infections because the durability of their skin is been compromised by the dangerous chemicals used on it.

2. Bleaching makes the skin lighter, thereby, vulnerable to skin injuries.

3. Some of these bleaching products cause irritation to the skin.

4. Redness of the skin colour and greenness of the veins.

5. Skin bleaching products destroy melanin, which is important to the fast regeneration of skin.

6. When bleaching goes bad, it leads to skin cancer.

7. Due to the high level of mercury in most bleaching products, skin bleaching lead to kidney and neurological problems.

8. Some ladies experience premature ageing while using these bleaching products. Please be sure of what you are using. Individual body differs.

Check out the natural approach to skin enhancements on next page.

Inasmuch as being natural is advisable, it is not bad to desire being a little fair. Hence, here are some natural ways you can achieve your aim;

skin ligthening

Natural ways to tone your skin

1. Water

After all, water is the king of nutrients. You might be wondering; “what the hell is water doing here?” Drinking enough water, ideally, 3 litres a day, eradicates dehydration and you will look healthy and your skin will be smoother.

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2. Lemons and limes

If you really want a fair skin without any side effects, make a face mask with lime juice. Lemons and limes juice contain citric acid. Citric acid is a natural toning agent.

3. Honey

The antibacterial elements in pure honey aid in preventing age spots. It also helps in toning your skin and serves as a natural moisturiser.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has magical effects which aid the generation of new cells. It improves hyperpigmentation and gets your skin back to its glowing colours. Most skincare products contain aloe vera.

5. Cucumber đŸ¥’

Cucumber contains collagen which makes your skin firm and smoothes. Therefore, gives you a fresher and ageless skin.

Natural Skin lightening mixtures

1. Blending a teaspoon of cucumber and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your face for 15 minutes. Wash off with water. Do this every day, preferably in the night before you sleep.

2. You should also apply pure honey to your face and leave it for five minutes. Kindly rinse away with warm water.

3. Finally, rubbing the innermost part of the papaya fruit on your face and allowing it to dry for five minutes, before washing away with cold water.


In conclusion, there is absolutely nothing wrong in desiring to look better, but do not spoil your skin in the pursuit of pleasing others. Nature has always been the best answer to humanity’s problems. Lastly, kindly share any natural recipe you are sure of its effectiveness. Thank you.


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