Self Focus – 3 sure ways to focus more on you

self focus, self love

2018 is coming to an end and we are often met with backlash when we talk to people about self focus. Notwithstanding, it is not stopping me one bit. You know why? Because it is not about them, it is about me. Me!

self focus, self love

Now that we are clear about that, let us talk about you. It is time to talk about this. The need to please strangers is not a good colour on you. Seriously, you need to stop! One thing I have noticed is that these people are ultimately strangers who do not really know you, they do not walk in your shoes and they have no deep understanding of what is truly going on in your life. So why are you losing focus because of them? You see there is something wrong here?

Practicing self focus

I once read online that trying to please everyone is the ultimate recipe for failure and I agree. We all have expectations for ourselves – things we have decided to shift aside because of other expectations from our family, our friends, the society, or our peers. These expectations get to us that we often forget that ‘’hey, this is my life.’’ If you have realized this simple but true fact, then read on.

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1. You Have To Let Go Of Worry

You need to let go of worry. And by worry I mean the intense and unnecessary headache of wondering what people will say. You need to forget about whether or not you are liked and do you. The truth is you cannot please everybody even if you are the sweetest person in the universe; you are always going to have haters. I do not know who made the rules but who cares? This is your life, you have to own it.

2. Embrace Self focus

Another point is to shed all pretense and be completely honest with yourself. By staying true to yourself, you eliminate the voices in your head telling you that you are not good enough. This is why it is important to preach self focus which has no hindrance against creating room for love in your heart. Because how can you love someone else if you do not love yourself?

You know yourself better than anybody else, you know your likes and dislikes, you know your strength and you know your weakness. Make a mental list of those little acts that you have picked up just so to impress a person or a clique, shed them away like an old skin because true love begins when you are honest with yourself.

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3. Believe In Yourself

To end with, you need to take control of your abilities. You are a king and you are a queen. No matter how odd your talent is, there is a room for you. There are people whose talent broke the norms and created a room for themselves because of their originality. Even if it is an old idea, no one does it better than you. You are unique and your voice might be what this generation need to become a better place.

Final words

Honestly, you should be on the same page that this ways are quite achievable. Be consistent. Happiness is a big factor in becoming successful in all our endeavours. Happiness actually originate from self love. Hence, we need to focus more on ourselves in order to excel in life. Finally, practice self focus today, and repeat it tomorrow and every other tomorrow. Before you leave, have you read Entrepreneurs retirement planning in 3 easy stages? I hope you learn alot as it helps me too. Have a great life ahead.



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