Relationship 101: Playing cool in 7 ways with your man

mercy johnson playing cool with her husband

You need to know how to saddle playing cool with your man if you love your relationship. There are many mistakes most girls make when they eventually get to meet a guy they like.

mercy johnson playing cool with her husband

In most cases, as a girl, you begin to act all goofy and clumsy; trying really hard to impress the guy. Whereas, in the end you try so much and won’t know how ridiculous you end up acting in front of the guy.

Playing cool with the man you like

These are seven different ways to playing cool with a guy:

Be Confident

Most hang out for the first time becomes a disaster when the girl is not confident in herself. She must have confidence in her beauty and should not try to be artificial. She must also have confidence in her dressing; wear an outfit which will be comfortable for you. Confidence can only be manifested when you are self-assured. This is the foundation for playing cool with a guy you have interest in.

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Be Cheerful

Being cheerful makes the guy relaxed and even makes you more relaxed. It is not advisable to be playful or loud; most guys do not appreciate a loud girl. Rather be a joyful and happy person. Always put a smile on your face. He will appreciate that.

Be attentive

Not only girls love to be paid attention to but also do guys. You will be playing cool by paying close attention to whatever they have to say. You could go on to ask questions just to demonstrate your concern for what they are saying.

Don’t prejudice

Don’t be a person rushing to judge other.  It can bother the guy if you become judgmental. Always criticizing and saying negative things about others. It shows you are insecure and trying to point out others fault in order to hide your own. Most guys do not appreciate girls that are judgmental.

Be flexible

Flexibility can come at a different stage. For instance, if you are uncomfortable with his appearance or the location of your hangout; do not show you are disgusted, be accommodative, be reasonable. After all, you can reveal your thoughts after the date, and it should be done in a pleasant way, not a rational way. Most guys appreciate when a girl is flexible and very understanding.

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Don’t be Vulnerable

As a lady, you must NOT make the first attempt to ask him out for a date or call him frequently. It is advisable to first play hard to get for SOME TIME. Although you might come across a guy who is shy in nature; in this case help him overcome is shyness by following step TWO. However, it is very important for you not to be in haste to get into a relationship with the guy. Give him time to be sure if he wants to be with you or not.

Don’t be an irritation

Most girls do not understand when a guy becomes fed up. Once you notice he is not as enthusiastic as he used to be with you, it is advisable you give him space. He might not come back, but you should move on.



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