Reduce stress and anxiety with these 6 sure ways

reduce stress and anxiety

We all need easy ways to reduce stress and anxiety because most adults go through it daily. Our present-day world have become more demanding than the days of old. We have so many access with the advent of technology, hence, more responsibilities.

reduce stress and anxiety

Our world is in its fastest pace so far and it can take a toll on anybody. Notwithstanding, here are easy and simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety:

Reduce stress and anxiety


One of the most important things you can do to fight stress is exercise.
Physical stress can help to shed away mental through exercise. The benefits becomes high when you regularly exercise or when you add it to your daily routine. People who exercise more often have a low risk of experiencing anxiety and stress than those who don’t. The key reasons behind it are;

  • Exercise helps you to reduce your body stress hormone (I . E cortisol ) and also helps to reduce a chemical called endorphins that help to your mood and act as natural painkillers.
  • Exercising regularly can also help to improve your sleep quality which can be affected by anxiety and stress.
  • Feeling of being competent and confident in your are also benefits of exercising regularly which also help to support mental well – being.
  • Regular exercise lowers the chances of experiencing stress and anxiety.
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Pen it down

Getting a journal to write things down is also a very useful way of handling stress and anxiety. Jotting down what you are stressed about is good move in healing yourself. Also jotting down all the things you are grateful for is a major key. Positivity is the real deal and gratitude also help to relieve stress and anxiety i.e focus more on the positive side in your life.

Learn to say no

Take charge and gain control over the part of your life that you have the authority to change and are causing you both stress and anxiety. The way only to do this is saying ‘NO’ more often without feeling guilty about it.

This is 100% true if are getting more than you can take or more than you can handle, juggling many things which can leave you depressed and overwhelmed.

Saying no to juggling of responsibilities and being picky about what you can take can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Avoid Procrastination

Setting your priorities right and reducing procrastination also supports and help in reducing stress and anxiety. Procrastination will lead you to reactively, leaving you hanging and struggling to catch up leading to stress which would hinder your health and sleep negatively.

Make a to-do list and give yourself deadlines and discipline yourself to making it into reality. Do not switch task or it leaves you all stressed up, rather get all your task done one after the other.

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Cuddling, kissing, hugging and making love with your spouse can reduce stress and anxiety. A chemical (oxytocin and lower cortisol) is released in the body with this positive physical contacts. And can also help to lower the heart rate and lower blood pressure which are symptoms of stress and anxiety. Funny facts, human beings aren’t the only one that cuddle to relieve stress; Chimpanzees cuddles there friends who are going through stress.


It is impossible to feel stress and anxiety when you are laughing. It is very important and good for your health and also have its benefit in reducing stress.

Laugh helps to relieve your response to stress. It also helps to relax your muscles thereby relieving tension. Laugh can also help to improve your immune system and mood. Try to Watch funny Tv shows and hang out with friends that make you laugh often.


These 6 tips are things we can easily practise every day. Therefore, be a good keeper of yourself by learning to laugh as often as you can. Pen down your to-do list and learn to say no at times. We can not downplay the importance of exercise and affection we get from cuddling. Lastly, do not procrastinate in order not to end up living with too many regrets from failure.


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