Promoting self growth in 4 sure real ways

self growth; man standing on stack of books

We are humans and there are times in our lives when we need a push to restore our self growth. How often do we celebrate our birthdays and still struggle with that little voice in our heads; that keeps telling us we have not grown a bit since last year?

self growth; man standing on stack of books

I am not talking about the physical growth like height and weight, let’s stretch this deeper and wonder if we are letting self-doubt crush every bit of esteem we might have about ourselves. By now you do not need a reminder to tell you that you are great and you are powerful beyond your imagination.

How to promote self growth

There are ways to improve your self-growth; ways that have been working for me since I realised I can make lemonade from all the lemons life throws my way. They can help you too.


Not to sound cliché but there is a lot you need to learn about yourself. You can only learn this if you spend a bit of time with yourself. I do not mean ‘’by yourself’’, I mean ‘’with yourself’’. Do you know you can understand yourself a lot more even when you spend time with other people? These moments are when we figure out what is unique about us, why humans are so different and why these differences don’t mean we cannot coexist with each other. When you spend time with yourself, you truly understand who you are as an individual and the things you need to avoid.

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Get Rid Of Toxic Energy

This brings me to my next point; getting rid of negative energy. Millennials call it vibe these days which I agree with because I would not want to stay around people or situations that kill my vibe, people that always discourage me and view me as inferior. No matter how close a person is to you or how rooted you are in that situation, you need to let go of their negativity. Do not let anyone bring you down emotionally. By surrounding yourself with people that uplift you and make you a better version of yourself, you are many steps closer to building a strong self-esteem.

Do Not Compare Your Progress on Social Media

Social media is great, it is fantastic. Yet at the same time it has found a way of leaving people depressed because everyone wants to live lavish lifestyles without acknowledging the rough process it took for those we are comparing ourselves with online. You need to trust your growth and really sit down and figure out why other people’s lives bother you that much. It adds nothing to you and it only slows down your own hard work, focus on yourself and not them.

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Develop a Sense of Humor

Finally, one thing I have learnt over the years is not taking everything too seriously by developing a sense of humor for me especially during difficult times. Tell yourself you will be alright and try again, find a hobby that you are passionate about and try again. That is the thing about life – you can always try again.

Conclusion of self growth

Make an habit to look on the positive side of your life. Learn as much as possible and be open to corrections. Here at lifesaddle, we want to be able to live life to its fullest. Growing as much as we can will help us maximize our potentials in life. Lastly, lets be open minded, especially, to corrections. Nobody is all knowing. Criticism is good, either good or bad. It gives us room to improve when see it from the positive side. While growing, remember to always plan for the later days of your life.



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