Perks of Living Alone For the First Time

living alone perks

Living alone screams independence. It is one of the reasons why people love to live by themselves. Especially after they had been through excruciating roommate experience or they just wish to start a brand new experience in their early thirties after college. Whatever the reason is you deserve this new feeling of freedom and here is why.

living alone perks

Perks of Living alone

Goodbye Roommate

You own the apartment which means you control everything that is in it. Get that? You do not have to indulge a noisy roommate or an obscenely rude one. You can turn off the music when you feel it is too loud and you can turn it up to the highest volume. It is your house and you live by your rules. That alone should motivate you to want to live alone.

Control over the Decor

Forget the limited space or the rent fees for a minute and focus on the word – design. Have you always wanted to decorate your own space to your taste but have never gotten a chance? Well, here is your chance! Whatever style you want to choose, it is yours to choose. You do not have to decorate your house with props you do not want, you get to paste your posters or hang your art or photos. You get to choose the color you want and you get to choose whether or not you want a TV or not. And if you are a guy who has always wanted your own man cave – this is your chance.

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Your House, Your Rules

Another perk of living alone is that you have the access to the people who come in and out of your home. Living alone breeds maturity; it means you have the choice to be responsible about your lifestyle. You can wake up anytime you want and you can go to bed anytime you want. Or organize little soirée with your girls, or a party with few of your colleagues. You can also organize with friends from college without anyone getting pissed about the mess in the apartment. And if you want to have your partner over for the night, you do not need permission from anyone. You get to do things your way.

I really cannot emphasize the victory in owning the refrigerator, you are fully rest assure that everything inside it is yours; no roommate drinks your yogurt before you return. You can eat whatever you want. The kitchen is yours and once you clean it, it remains cleaned.

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I feel the extent of comfort you get to own for yourself the reason why people decide to live alone. Although we are talking about the perks of living alone here, there are factors you should put into consideration. Now, because you live alone you have to worry about the rent, getting the furniture you need and buying the groceries. But once you figure out your finances, you can handle all these. Welcome to the real world, it might suck but you will love it.



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