People trying to avoid sugar make these 7 mistakes


Yes, sugar is known as the popular diabetes agent, sperm count reducer and weakening agent of the body. But do you know that while you’re trying to avoid this “sugar”, there is more than avoidance to it? In fact, you may simply be getting some things wrong.

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You Go To the Usual Store

You are trying to avoid what? And you go where? Please, you’re not God. The human flesh tends to go back to its sin. Run away from that sinful sugar, and you shall be saved from the punishment of diabetes and low sperm count.

If you go to the usual store you regularly buy your sugary items at, there’s no way that sugar is going to get out of you. You tend to say “Whatever, it’s just this once”, and the regular “once” would turn into a lifetime. So, avoid that store, and go to another one where you just want to get the things that are REALLY IMPORTANT.

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You Don’t Have a Budget

Whenever you go to the supermarket or a mall, you know you never really intended to buy sugary items, BUT you said “let me take this extra cash, just in case I start drooling on candies”. It’s a no-no. You should write down your shopping list and exclude sugary items if you really want to avoid sugar. Also, have it in mind that you need to save some money, so buying a sugary item just causes more harm than good, so why venture into it?

You’re Not Reducing Sugar, You’re Killing It

There is a purpose for the term ‘blood sugar’ or ‘insulin’ or any other related ‘sugar’ enzymes or regulators in the body, so why eliminate sugar? You should not eliminate sugar totally from your blood. Low blood sugar levels have killed some people in the past and that is due to decreased energy. Sugar is known to make people hyperactive some times, yet it weakens some others.

The only way you can eat your cake and have it is to regulate your sugar. Measure it in the right proportions and balance it with less sugary items. You could even have a pattern—have sugar in one day, the next, no sugar, and the cycle continues. It could work, try it out!

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Do You Even Know The Amount Of Sugar In Your Blood?

You need to be sure you don’t have so much sugar in your blood before you begin to avoid sugar. When you consume so much sugar, there is a chance that something like exercise or a particular activity is burning the sugar down. Though, the fact remains that you need to test your blood sugar level to be sure of the amount of sugar you have in your blood, and your doctor could assist with directing you on the particular food to eat or avoid.

Your doctor could suggest wheat meal, oats, corn foods, and other protein-rich substances. Also, s/he would suggest substances that flush sugar out of your system, and improve your metabolism. Food substances that contain wheat do this to the body.

You Don’t Read The List Of Ingredients

You know there are other names for sugar, right? Glucose, Sucrose, Galactose and others are kinds of sugars. The ingredient does not have to say ‘sugar’ before you should avoid it. All those ingredients mentioned are also included in some products. Also be sure to check products with tags ‘NO SUGAR ADDED’—you never can tell.



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