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Four Things to Expect After Covid-19

After COVID-19

First of all, the COVID-19 virus outbreak started in Wuhan, China, marking the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, the world after COVID-19 is something to really think about.

After Covid-19

This pandemic has put the deficiency of many infrastructural systems in the spotlight, as its effect every facet of human life. In a bid to contain the spread of the disease, many countries have closed the borders within and without their territories.

Schools have closed down and many in the workforce have been directed to work from home, while others have been laid off. The pressure on the production industry is also heavy: demand continues to drop as incomes are threatened likewise supply has been cut down for safety’s sake.

What to Expect After COVID-19

A Slow Start For The Economy

Due to the gravity of the impact of this virus on the world’s economy; economic projections for the world after COVID-19 state that an economic depression should be expected. However, it is expected to be a brief one. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has a more extensive effect on everyday human life than any other pandemic seen.

Oil prices have fallen as a result of the fall in its demand. Stock Markets are on the downward trend. Also, SMEs are hanging by a thread, and businesses are generally handicapped because their ‘normal’ has been taken away from them.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the world has survived six recessions. With proper re-evaluation and strategy, we would surely survive this and come out stronger after COVID-19 is over.

Loss of Jobs and Creation of New Ones

While most of us now have to stay home and work from home, there is spike in unemployment around the world due to the mandatory lockdown orders. Hence this means that the job market will be saturated post-pandemic.

The hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic are the wholesale-retail and hospitality sectors. With travel bans standing tall, hotel and flight cancellations continue to skyrocket as imports and exports are stalled. Travel Agencies are closing down at an alarming rate and jobs in the commercial aviation sector have lost their security.

Again, there is good news, because there would be new ways of doing work. More companies will adopt the work from home system and other companies will use technology to drive their business. You can position yourself to take advantage of the opportunity by reading 10 Online courses that can saddle your life.

Emergence of New Industries

Through this pandemic, many governments have been proactive in providing for their citizens; giving free access to public amenities. While this helps during the pandemic, it is good to start preparations towards the aftermath of the pandemic for the softest fall. African countries may be the hardest hit based on the current economic situations across the continent.

Countries like Nigeria, who are heavily dependent on revenue from oil sales must now concentrate on improving non-oil revenue points like Agriculture, Manufacturing, Local content, Technology, etc.

We can expect to see increased government support for more promising industries like technology, entertainment and the service industry.  The goal is to sustain the economy and aid development, without relying solely on one Industry, like Oil. If this happens, it’’ a step in the right direction and will create more opportunities for developing countries and create new entrepreneurs.

Social Distancing to Continue for a while longer

As a result of the measure taken to control the spread of COVID-19, we have adopted social distancing, to limit how we interact with other people. Our usual hand-shakes, hugs, social gathering will reduce for a while because people would still have the idea of virus sharing through contact at the back of their minds post COVID-19.

post covid-19 social distancing

We would take our health more seriously and create a self-care routine for maximum health.

We miss partying, hanging out in public places, going to public events, but COVID-19 will definitely make us more aware of these things long after it’s gone.

That is all from life saddle, for now, please comment on more things you expect to happen after COVID-19. Please stay safe and healthy during this period, we will come out strong and get back to our normal lives in one piece.

Author: Eseosa Belo-Osagie
Eseosa Belo-Osagie is a Content Creator/Curator with a soft spot for all the processes in bringing Content to life.

10 Red Flag Signs Observed by a Concerned Female

red flags signs

Red flags are warning signs in relationships. Red flag signs are like a traffic light in the intimacy journey and it says; ‘Hey yo! Get up and move on’. Most times, especially we ladies, we provide excuses by ourselves just to ignore the red flags and we deliberately become colour blind so that we do not see the red flagCurious about the world after Covid-19, CLICK HERE.

red flags signs

This can be sometimes annoying and frustrating. We want to match clothes, go on trips, have a partner who we can trust and love and make ‘God when’ videos to pepper our single sisters or brothers and beefers but when we do not see these things happening, we begin to wonder where we got it wrong when all along red flags have been flying about.

10 Red Flag Signs

1. Don’t call me after 10pm

Why won’t you call me after 10pm if we are dating? What am I trying to hide? If your partner does not want you calling late, then what’s the reason? What if you had an emergency? You can’t call your partner in the middle of the night? That’s wrong on all levels. Be suspicious.

2. Well, I am not sorry

If you are always apologizing when shit happens even when it is not your fault, and he or she does not see it as a duty to also apologize when he or she is wrong then it has happened. A hit and run car has hit the relationship. You just don’t know yet, ’cause it’s a silent accident, however, it’s one of those red flag signs.

3. All about themselves

How can I be dating someone who is not interested in what I want to do with my life? What I am doing with my life. How I want to go about bettering my life? If your partner only talks about him or herself and how he or she is going to make those millions and get the luxuries of life. And if they always talk about businesses he or she will be dabbling in without concern about your life.

Also, if they keep talking only about their strategy on moving up the social ladder without even asking you, ‘What about you? What are your plans? What’s the next thing you want to do?’ Then something is wrong. It could be that you are not even in the picture, you are nothing but a listening ear or a release pot. Pay attention to this on the list of red flag signs.

4. Testing your boundaries

How can I tell my partner ‘NO’ and he will still insist especially knowing I have a good reason for saying ‘no’? The man or woman who loves you will never force you to do anything that you do not want to do. For example: During intercourse, if you are not an anal fan yet he tries to force himself into your ass no matter how much you struggle and tell him no, that person is out to hurt you at that moment. Now imagine he does this frequently.

You tell her, you don’t want to party but yet she forces you to attend, especially giving you ultimatums, then something is wrong for real. Start looking for more signs. Open your eyes ’cause it might be that this person you call your partner does not give two shits if you are happy and well.

5. No affectionate touching

While you are out or in a public place, you can not touch your partner in peace. He or she will not allow you to hug him or her, or plant a quick kiss. They will not even put their arms around you, kiss on your forehead or chin, hold hands, and so on. However, inside the other room, he or she tells you, ‘I will fvck you till you drop’ and every other BS, then it’s all just BS. This might seem unnoticeable but its really a core part of the red flags signs.

6. Shouting in public

Why would you shout at me in public? Embarrass me like that? Lose your cool in front of the crowd? Do it often and think I will stay. I will not! Nobody likes embarrassment. Whatever I might have done, if it can’t wait till we get home or somewhere private before you bring it up then it’s not right.

Shouting at your partner in public is wrong on so many different levels. It tells the world the kind of person you are and the kind of person your partner is. Especially, when he or she remains there, trying to apologize and calm you. Partners, do not do that. Walk away when it becomes frequent because he or she won’t stop.

7. I am busy

This busy song is even very rampant. Everyone is busy. Yet, you are entitled to your partner’s call or text every day. No matter what. Please, do not be deceived about how he or she doesn’t like calling or texting. If your partner genuinely loves you, efforts will be made.

A one-minute call from the love of your life can enhance anybody’s mood for the rest of the day. It shows they are thoughtful and ready to make an effort. If he or she is too busy to communicate with you consistently and properly, then your masquerade is on the express and it has to be careful.

8. My Ex was a fool, not me

Never will you hear me badmouth my Ex. He might have had some bad sticks, yes, but I won’t go around painting him bad, especially to a current partner. Anyone you are dating that always takes time out to deface their previous lover is giving you hints on how you will be treated if things do not work out now. Don’t be blind and join him or her in badmouthing someone you don’t even know.

9. Price tag and criticism

Anybody that immediately flare-up over the prices of material things he or she bought for you which you refused to wear or spoilt, that person, as referred to in the famous 3 Idiots movie is a ‘Pricetag’. A Pricetag will constantly remind you how much he or she spent so you could look that good.

Someone that criticize everything you do is not for you. Run! You don’t know how to do anything well. They don’t even see good in you. Always complaining about almost everything you are doing. Do not wait till it hits you on the face. You are meant to be with someone who appreciates you and helps you to grow. Not someone who condemns you at every point. Run!

10. Skipping the talks

Why will we have issues and instead of thrashing the whole thing out as soon as we can, we skip it and use s3x or any other thing to cover it up? There are so many women who have been imagining things in their head due to what they’ve seen their men do or how he acts and they are not talking. They keep it all in and skip the talk. If we had an agreement and you broke it, we need to talk about it. Let’s talk about how you didn’t hold up your end of the stick and why. Talk it out. Stop skipping.


There are other red flags signs. We have tons of them. Maybe, I could write more on another piece. The most important thing, however, is; the only reason why someone will treat you this way or that way is simply that you allowed them to. Do not make excuses for someone who messes up all the time. That’s one of the red flag signs.

Do not allow someone to take you away from your family and friends, what will you have left when he or she is gone? Think about it. When he or she is jittery around you or always hiding cell phones or stuff, be suspicious. Open your eyes. Love is not blind at all. Getting hurt should not be an option and as it once said, ‘Crying once and for all is better than crying daily.’ Get out now!!!

How accurate are ovulation calculators?

ovulation calculators

Are you curious if ovulation calculators are real? If not for the existence of these calculators, many ladies can not estimate their ovulation period. There are a lot of changes in the body system of women day and night, which we have a little or no knowledge about.

ovulation calculators

The ovulation period is also one such change that occurs to every woman after the menstrual period starts. Yet not many women have the knowledge of this period in detail. That is the reason why we are giving you information on ovulation calculators. Now let’s get started!

What is an ovulation period?

Ovulation is that time of the month when the egg is entirely prepared to mix with the sperm and get fertilized. These eggs reach the uterus via the fallopian tube in a short time before the start of menstruation, and 15 to 20 eggs are released from the ovary at a time. Ovulation calculators are necessary because of pregnancy.

How is ovulation related to pregnancy?

According to the perception of some people, the inception of pregnancy is an effortless task that can be done by creating physical relations. Whereas, it is more than just that. Fertilization or gestation of eggs with sperm is the outcome of long action which starts only after the end of menstruation and ends after pregnancy. Ovulation contributes a lot to this entire process, it is not just easy to become pregnant without having the basic knowledge of the ovulation period. Hence, the need for ovulation calculators.

How to know ovulation

At the beginning of the cycle, the path between the uterus and the private part is slightly thickened, lowered and closed. But immediately ovulation starts, it opens up and becomes soft so that the sperm can enter with ease. This place remains open during menstrual period and hardens again after the period is over. As for some women whose periods are irregular, their ovulation period is quite different.

Sometimes, the eggs in the ovaries grow before one and they mature and come out due to an increase in hormones. After which these eggs pass through the fallopian tube to the uterus and cease in the tube and wait for sperm to be released.

Ovulation plays an important part in the inception of pregnancy and has many benefits that help in conception.

Ovulation calculators

Before knowing this period, you must have the knowledge of the duration of your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is the period from the start of one period to the beginning of another period. This is the period of the day between the first day of menstruation and the next menstruation, which can be understood by this example.

March 1st – first day of periods
March 29th – first day of next periods
29 days – period of the monthly cycle (time between March 1 to March 31)

Symptoms of ovulation

Women who have smooth-running periods can easily understand the ovulation process because they have a definite day of ovulation.

If it’s a menstruation that occurs within 28 days then the symptoms can be recognized on the 12th and 16th day. Ovulation process may occur on this day.

As for women whose periods are not regular, this measure cannot be determined. Because their menstruation is not on time, the ovulation period also varies.

Changes in the body during the ovulation period

Cervical mucus

During the ovulation period, the cervical begins to turn into mucus, which gets more thick and sticky as time passes. It is very smooth at the period of ovulation. These circumstances can be easily discovered that you are on the fertile stage.

Body temperature

The body temperature shoots up during this time as compared to other days. If you notice that the temperature of the body is more than normal, then your ovulation has started.

Relationship desire

Due to the fertile phase on these days, the craving to have a relationship increases.

Breast changes

During this ovulation period, the breasts of women become quite sensitive and sometimes they feel pain.

Light brown viscous substance

During the ovulation period, a light brown viscous substance comes out of the vagina of women which later turns into red. This sticky substance is more like a protection that keeps the mature egg covered until fertilization/conception.

Common pregnancy symptoms, how to help

Common pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy is a supernatural phenomenon. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Common pregnancy symptoms comes with discomfort and pain before you get to the miracle of life. At this juncture, we’re going to share some tips to help you handle some common pregnancy symptoms that you could experience.

Common pregnancy symptoms

Having said that, let’s get to the feeling that likely comes second to excitement; Nerves. Anxiety is usually common when the baby is on the way, especially for the person carrying the child. Your general body system is about to go through some of the most highly unlikely, and unbearable changes, that it can experience.

Tackling common pregnancy symptoms

The good thing is that there are many ways to help with common pregnancy symptoms without having any effect on your growing baby. In this article, we’re going to highlight ways you can start tackling pregnancy symptoms and naturally. Now let’s get started!

Back Pain

No fewer than 50-70% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. This percentage actually makes sense because the extra weight of the growing unborn child puts a lot of pressure on your back, and you’ll likely walk, sit, and stand differently, which can lead to numerous stress and pain. Hormonal changes, stress, and extra weight also can cause back pain.

The common problem is that many pregnant women cannot take pain medication because of the effects it can have on the growing fetus. It’s also hard to reduce this pain since there’s no way to regulate hormone levels or reduce the weight that you put on.

There are natural ways you can assist with this back pain, though! The first is specific stretches and exercises that can reduce back pain.

A certified chiropractor also suggests that pregnant women try chiropractic care to reduce their pregnancy-related back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can greatly minimize pregnancy-related back pain without the need for any invasive treatments or medication that can affect the little one.

Other alternatives for back pain include staying hydrated, avoiding high heels, support belts, and resting often.

Nausea and Vomiting

Maybe the most common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, which can actually happen at any time of the day. This includes both nausea and vomiting; it’s experienced by about 85% of pregnant women.

This is generally confined to the first trimester of pregnancy, but some women can experience nausea and vomiting throughout their pregnancy.

Consuming small meals more frequently is one simple way to control this common pregnancy symptom. You should also pay serious attention to what foods cause your nausea as this can be different from person to person.

Staying hydrated can also lower your feelings of nausea. Drink water, ginger tea (great for nausea), and things with electrolytes to reload yourself (especially if you find that you’re vomiting often). Smelling fresh scents can also help reduce nausea.

Getting distracted is another great tool. Having incessant thought about how sick you feel will only make you feel sicker. Try taking a walk, doing a puzzle, reading a book and other mind engaging activities to take your thoughts away from the queasiness.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause your stomach valve to become more relaxed, which can let the stomach acid to rise up your oesophagus and cause heartburn. As the fetus grows and pushes on your stomach, this can also force more acid up, resulting in aggravating heartburn as your pregnancy progresses.

Stay away from heartburn-inducing foods like chocolate, citrus, caffeine,  tomatoes, garlic, onion, and other acidic foods. You should also avoid lying down after eating for at least 30 minutes.

Smaller meals can also reduce your heartburn as well as reducing nausea. There are many medications you can take for some relief, but speak to your doctor or midwife before you go ahead.


Numerous common pregnancy symptoms are thanks to hormonal changes, and constipation is no special case. As progesterone levels rise during pregnancy, this can allow your intestines to contract less, which means fewer bowel movements and increased constipation.

Hydration is going to be key for this and other symptoms on this list. Try as much as possible to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. If you’re finding it hard to drink all of that water (especially with the pressure of the baby on your bladder), try eating hydrating foods like cucumber, watermelon, pineapple and other fruits.

Fibre is also greatly helpful for reducing constipation. Try to consume more fruits and veggies, and talk with your doctor or midwife about taking a fibre supplement and/or a stool softener.


Pregnancy is surely a great deal of effort! Not only is it more weight to carry around coupled with stress and pain, but the hormonal changes you experience also influence fatigue.

The best advice you can take at this stage is to allow yourself to be tired! Sleep briefly especially during the day, rest when you need to, and make sure you’re getting no fewer than 8 hours of sleep at night. Energy levels normally pick up after the first trimester ends, but just allow yourself to rest when you need to and sleep as much as possible.

Bear in mind that once the little one is born, you won’t be getting much sleep anyway! lol.


In conclusion, if you don’t experience any or all of these symptoms, don’t panic! You just have to count yourself lucky.

If you are experiencing these common pregnancy symptoms, hopefully, these tips help reduce some of the aches and pains. Just have it in mind that you have a ton of support and there’s a ton of advice and information out there to help you through this breathtaking time of your life.

Six (6) Scientific Benefits Of Meditation

scientific benefits of meditation

The numerous scientific benefits of meditation are the reason many people engage in it these days. It is now time for you to be familiar with them and identify your goals to do the same.

scientific benefits of meditation

Although twenty-four hours make a full day, but occasionally it seems as if it isn’t enough to shove down everything you have for the day. Also, even seven days of a week can’t give you the breathing room you think you deserve. Creating time to finish all your chores and run all your errands appear to be impossible. You don’t even have enough time to spend with your family and friends. This lack of self-care adds to the stress that you carry around like your luggage. If these things are left unchecked, it will unavoidably result in depression.

Scientific Benefits of meditation

You have a lot to do as a human, and everyone has those twenty-four hours a day to spend; not even a second more. Logically, you may be wondering how you can create some space to take in meditation into your routine. At first, your mind will continuously shuffle from incomplete businesses to various to-do lists. You can’t be of help to yourself from feeling that you’re just sitting around as the clock ticks time away. Regardless, after getting to know a few scientific benefits of meditation, you may want to change your mind.

Stress Relief

Majority of people who try meditation engage in that to reduce stress. Studies carried out by renowned specialists prove that reflection lives up to its reputation as a stress-buster. Mental and physical stress levels increase due to the hormone cortisol. This hormone cortisol has many harmful effects, like the release of chemicals called cytokines, that aid inflammation.

Anxiety Reduction

Also, anxiety reduction is one of the perks of meditation. It can also decrease or repel the symptoms that come with anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety, phobias, paranoid thoughts, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Even yoga can have related effects because it is a unique amalgamation of physical activity and meditation.

Aids self-understanding

Certain types of meditation increase self-awareness of the individual. If you meditate, then you will know all the features of your personality. Consequently, you morph with time and a healthier version of yourself comes to the surface. Meditation can be of multiple qualities, and self-inquiry meditation is one of them. It assists you in developing a better understanding of yourself and the way you identify with those around you. Another form of meditation enlightens you to identify potentially harmful or self-depreciative thoughts.

Enhances emotional health

As you might have read earlier, there are several forms of meditation. A small amount of them help to improve self-image to provide a more positive outlook towards life. You already have a primary knowledge about cytokines if you have been following this topic from the beginning. These chemicals that are said to be inflammatory come into play to respond to stress. They also affect the mood of the individual, which further results in depression. Some reviews generated from studies suggested that meditation reduces depression by decreasing cytokines.

Potentially reduces age-related memory loss

Although it may sound strange, but there are a few spiritual fringe benefits of meditation. Any improvement in the simplicity of thinking and attention prevents your mind from ageing. Hindus indulge in Kirtan Kriya, a method of meditation that combines mantras and chanting in the repetitive motion of the fingers. It helps in focusing the thoughts of the individual, thus increasing the ability to perform memory-related tasks. To sum up, improved focus gained from regular meditation boosts mental clarity and memory.

Improves the attention span

Meditating to increase your focusing ability is like lifting weights. It shoots up the endurance and strength of your attention. This life isn’t kind to anybody and, as expected, you don’t have enough time to spare to meditate. However, some researchers found that even the meditating for a short period proves advantageous. If you engage in meditation for four days, it will be enough to increase your attention span.

Conclusion on scientific benefits of meditation

In conclusion, there are more than six scientific benefits of meditation. If you found this write-up captivating and exciting, then you must research this subject. Meditation is for every human and scientists also acknowledge it. You won’t even need any special equipment or memberships to practice meditation. Also, the internet will provide you with meditation courses and support groups. Besides, there are different styles of meditation, each with its unique qualities and benefits.

Understanding people and temperaments

people and temperaments

The ability to understand people and temperaments will improve our overall life. We have all kinds of people in this world and the only way to confirm this is by the different behaviours, body structure and views that emanate from people which makes us distinctly unique.

people and temperaments

I can never be you and neither can you ever be me otherwise where will the fun be? Imagine that everyone is like you in the world, how will the world be? It will definitely not be better because there will be no one to correct you, no one to suggest another outlook on a particular topic. Everyone will have your IQ and your level of tenacity.

People and Temperaments

We can divide people based on their temperaments which if understood goes a long way in saving our relationships.

The Sanguine

  1. They can be likened to air.
  2. They love adventure and have a high-risk tolerance.
  3. These people are always optimistic, cheerful, spirited, and they give off positive vibes.
  4. Many people with sanguine personality are likely to struggle with addictions. Their constant cravings may lead to overeating and weight problems.
  5. These people are very creative and may become great artists. In addition, they are fantastic entertainers and will naturally do well if they choose careers in the entertainment industry.
  6. They are always on the high side no matter the situation. Always hopeful. They don’t give up easily. They have this fast-paced attitude to life.

The Phlegmatic

  1. They are likened to water and they are usually a people person.
  2. They seek interpersonal harmony and close relationships.
  3. Phlegmatic people are loyal spouses and loving parents.
  4. They preserve their relationships with old friends, distant family members, and neighbours.
  5. People with phlegmatic temperament tend to avoid conflicts and always try to mediate between others to restore peace and harmony.
  6. They are very much into charity and helping others.
  7. Some of them are not easily excited to work on their passion, you have to be able to push them, talk to them, be a motivator, to be good friends with this type of people.

The Melancholic

  1. They can be likened to the earth.
  2. These people love traditions. Women cook for men; men open doors for women.
  3. They love their families and friends.
  4. Unlike sanguine temperament, these ones do not look for novelty and adventure. In fact, they avoid it at all costs.
  5. Someone with a melancholic temperament is very unlikely to marry a foreigner or leave their homeland for another country.
  6. They are very social and seek to contribute to the community.
  7. Being extremely orderly and accurate, melancholic people are fantastic people managers.
  8. They are the ones that get easily depressed.

The Cholerics

  1. They can be likened to fire and
  2. They are usually a goal-oriented person.
  3. People with choleric personality type are very savvy, analytical, and logical.
  4. Extremely practical and straightforward.
  5. Choleric people are not very good companions or particularly social.
  6. They dislike small talk and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations.
  7. They would rather be alone than in the company of shallow, superficial people.
  8. Ideally, they want to spend time with people who have similar professional interests.


In summary, to live a hitch-free life and be at peace with other people;

  1. Understand the temperament of the person you are dealing with.
  2. Do not expect too much from people so you won’t be too disappointed when they do not meet up.
  3. Do not compare Personality A with Personality B. Everyone is different.
  4. No matter how much it might cost, give everyone a benefit of doubt. Do not be quick to judge, you do not know what that person is passing through.
  5. Do unto others as you wish to be treated. You can’t treat people like trash and expect them to treat you like gold.
  6. While some people can be cruel, some can be kind and while some people can be selfish, others can be selfless. Take note of this always.

The waiting period in Love

the waiting period in love

The importance of waiting period in love matters often go without much attention. Love is a journey, an enchanting one which many embark on to find inner peace and emotional satisfaction. True, this journey is great but many embark on it unprepared and with so many flaws that even a blind man can see.

the waiting period in love

Previously, I published “Finding Love in this new decade“, you should read it if you missed it. Ongoing on this journey, one needs to prepare himself so as not to finish his journey at a dead end.

The waiting period in love for ladies

Between the last guy and the next guy, there is a period of ‘being single’ and that, my friend is the waiting period in love.

The period of waiting is that period where you equip yourself, you girdle yourself towards the next challenges that you will be facing in the aspect of relationships and other areas of your life. You will definitely have challenges; it’s a very normal and interesting phenomenon.

After a break-up, the ideal thing is for you to actually sit down and think about the lapses and why it occurred and why you were not able to correct it. When you do this, you close doors to making the same mistakes.

What to do in waiting period

Know what you want

No man and I repeat, no man wants a confused puddle for a partner. Know what kind of man you want. Know what you want to see in him and not just those silly thinking that, ‘he should be tall, dark and handsome, a gentleman, be caring, loving, full of surprises and all’ because even the devil is capable of all these. That is really maximizing the waiting period in love.

Discover your talents

No man wants a liability. You’ve got to trust me on this one, no matter how rich he might be and how much he says he doesn’t want you to work. Make sure you discover your talent and what you can do that will bring money in because no one knows tomorrow. And when should you do this if not during the period of WAITING? That period is the time you can put yourself to maximum use by discovering what appeals most to you.

Everyone has a uniqueness about him or her and your uniqueness is all you need to unravel those mind-blowing ideas. If need be, go to seminars, conferences, trainings and you can always refer to the internet to aid your discovery.

Leave room for improvement

As much as you can do this and you can do that, leave room for improvement. There are three phases in learning, Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.’ Following these phases will help you improve yourself.

Treat yourself

You cannot give what you do not have. If you have not learned to love yourself despite all your shortcomings and you have not learned to amuse and make yourself happy when no one is around to take the job, then you cannot make someone else happy and you cannot love the other person adequately. This period gives you time to have fun, treat yourself right and make memories for yourself. Learn to take care of yourself first and then you will be able to take care of the other person.

There is so much more you can utilize this period for but to be honest, some Waiting Period can be quite long but please, do not get desperate.

The waiting period in love for guys

Love is not a tempest and lots of flaws need to be fixed.  Hence, you will not to mar the coming of something beautiful in your life.

Fix that insecurity

The first is insecurity, which is a bane to many promising relationships and a result of mainly past relationships. People tend to develop fears over a tomorrow which reeks of uncertainty and tend to conjure bad feelings from the depth of their hearts as a result of an experience which should be forgotten for what it is.

To have a blissful relationship, one needs to do away with insecurities or else it will hamper the relationship and endanger it beyond repair.

Discard the past

Everyone has a past, no matter how beautiful or ugly but the past must be forgotten whether we like it or not. Attachment to the past does not only hinder progress, it also destroys the present which much preparation has gone into.

Someone who wants to sojourn through the ocean of love must forge ahead, leave the past behind and work towards a better tomorrow for a fulfilling love life.


The waiting period in love deserves more attention. It is the time in life you make a better tomorrow for love life. Therefore, spend time with yourself, become better, reflect and forge ahead. I hope you find something extremely beautiful.

Finding Love in this new decade

image depicting finding love

Love is one thing a human cannot do without, yet it is a choice. If you are without love, you are more like an empty vessel. Lets saddle into finding love in this decade with our ‘wokeness’.

image depicting finding love

Love must just happen. You are either loving someone or being loved, either ways; love wins. The beautiful thing about finding love is that there is no particular age for having a tango with passion. And the most incorrect item in the art of love is that you fall in love. Surprised? Well, do not be. Meanwhile, have you read Money benefits of recycling?

Finding love is choice

Love is a choice, and it does not happen like magic. Instead, it occurs over time. Finding love does not happen in a second or the moment you lay your eye on someone. Instead, it is the act of love that occurs in a second. You grow in love.

The new decade question

How do I go about finding love? This is a million-dollar question for the singles this period, especially with Valentine around the corner.

Who can find love?

There is no one you can not love. It depends on the choice of the individual who wants to love someone, the expectations, the interest. Yet, some things need to be done to make love a reality. Even if you do not check all in the want list of your partner-to-be.

Finding love for the ladies

Your big booty, architecturally drawn brows and killer body shape is not enough to find your love.

Good Nature

Let us take two steps back, shall we? Why do you think in movies or books, Princes go for an every day Cinderella that does not give a darn about makeovers and elegant dresses? It is merely because she is beautiful inside-out. She does not need material things for her beauty to shine. It’s not until you use all the Mary kays in this world before you attract a man. Just be filled with good nature, be kind and be sweet.

Fake life or not?

Fake life is one act that hinders or destroys love, so, to find love, you’ve got to be original. In love, there is no reason to be ashamed of the true you. Do not boast of what you do not have and do not try to be what you are not. Be true to yourself and let the real you emerge all the time.


Lastly, respect is very essential. If you are the kind of lady that talks rudely to guys and if they are not looking rich, you write them off, my dear, you are going to survive the decade and still be in your father’s house afterwards. No matter how beautiful you are, never look down on anyone because you never know who is who.

Finding love for men


You’ve got more crucial work to do when it comes to being confident. If you can not stand up for yourself and let your feelings be known to the lady of your choice, you are not ready. You will forever be friend-zoned, brother zoned, uncle zoned, so, no matter how intimidating the lady might look, talk your mind, she no fit kill you.


Secondly, persistence is one major thing you need to find and get your love. If she said no the first time and you give up, then I am sure you do not love the lady like you claim, especially when you can see the green lights. Keep showing her in the little ways you can that you love her, and hopefully, she will grow to love you.


Lastly, patience works hand in hand with persistence. They say, ‘A real man will always be patient because a woman that is worth it will never be easy to get’. Some ladies tend to be a piece of work, but patience is the key.

More on finding love

No man wants a lady with a 32-inches long wig covered head, full of air. No man wants a liability. You need to have something to show that you are up to the task and same goes for the men, no lady wants a man that is not responsible enough to be independent. Both parties must have something to offer. You must both be a ‘split the bill’ fan.


In conclusion, love is fascinating, rushing it only causes issues. Take your time. There is no deadline in finding love, hence, do not be in a hurry. Heartbreak is real, and it can be excruciating. Settling with the wrong partner can turn your life into a total mess, so wait and observe. It will eventually come together and never forget that saying that says, ‘If it is yours, it will come back to you.’

RECYCLING: Money benefits and more


I think it is safe to assume that Nigerians are a bit familiar with the word, ‘recycle’. Regardless of what we believe, recycling has been existing since the old days. It is, however, gaining more grounds now. Before we go on, don’t forget to read Weight Loss: 6 easy exercises to burn fat.


I can remember while I was growing up. Anytime we buy plastic drinks in my home, my grandmother will tell me not to dispose of them because some ‘agbo‘ will be going into them. These plastics always serve us for a while. We use the next set of bottles for filling palm oil or groundnut oil, and so on.

Even in my school these days, you can see many of us going around with bottled water. Meanwhile, some of us are not so buoyant to donate 2000 to the bottled water company in a month. We usually buy one bottle, and then it serves us for days by filling it up with sachet of pure water or clean tap water. Even though this practice is advantageous to human, some Nigerians still think it is a poverty mentality. However, I can’t see the bad in filling up clean bottles with water and refrigerate it.

More to Recycling

Recycling is more than just keeping empty plastic bottles and aluminium cans out of the dumpster. Recycling is a process that includes collecting a wide range of recyclable materials, processing them into raw materials and then manufacturing the raw materials into new products.

Advantages of Recycling

You want to know what recycling does? You are probably curious if it’s more than just helping to save our ecosystem by making our environment cleaner. Below are some benefits of recycling.

It saves more energy and resources

When we produce a ton of paper with recycled materials; Do you know that we save about 17 trees, 450 gallons of oil, and 7 gallons of water? Also, for every ton of plastic, we save the equivalent energy of 1000 to 2000 of gasoline?

It decreases pollution

Imagine your house was few steps from Oko Filling on Lasu-Iba Express Road in Lagos or any dump area, that terrible stench is enough to make your head pound for days and it could even affect your health.

Saves the earth

When items are recycled instead of been burnt, it protects the planet. Once papers are recycled, it reduces the number of trees that will go into the production of papers. It saves our oceans and reduces the stress of our fishermen who provide the fish we eat because when the sea is clean, we can have more fishes.

Serves as storage and covering

In a Nigerian home, when you go out and whatever you buy is packaged into a polythene bag, you come home, unload and keep the bag because a day is coming when you will need to put stuff in a bag, and it will be useful. Same goes for the plastics, after drinking the soft drink or chilled water, you rinse and fill up with tap water and place in the fridge, and you have your chilled water to serve yourself, your family and visitors.

Also, disposable plastic plates are available a lot now, when we go to restaurants, we buy ‘to-go’. After eating, you keep the plastic and use it to hold your ingredients in the kitchen or even use it to consume.

Money and Recycling

Do you know that you can make money off recycling? Do you know that you can use that brown carton to make Ankara accessories like earrings and sell them?

Do you know that you can use that tyre lying aimlessly in your compound to make Ankara props for sitting rooms and even to be used in a studio depending on your creativity?

Do you know you can buy metal scraps and resell it to industries making use of such metals?

Most importantly, do you know some companies will pay you for bringing in pure water sachets, PET plastic bottles, used beverage cans, glass bottles, old newspapers and brown corrugated cartons?

For instance, RecyclePoints is one of recycling companies in Lagos. They are point-based incentive model with which they collect recyclable items from registered post-consumers and in turn reward them with points, which, when accumulated, can be used to redeem household items and cash.

Final notes

Don’t be surprised! There are a lot of things you can recycle among that trash of papers, plastics, tiles, aluminium etc. In conclusion, I know this whole idea is out in Nigeria, but we need to take deliberate actions. The sooner we do things deliberately, the more the results are tagged positive. Lastly, change begins with you and me.

Toilet infections causes, signs and easy treatments

toilet infections

Toilet infections are medical conditions that affects, mostly, the female gender. These infections occur when foul fluids come out of the genitals. Most times, the genital starts to itch and this cause discomfort.

toilet infections

There are various types of toilet infections. However, common types of these infections are bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis. It is noteworthy to mention that there is toilet infection in men, although, very rare.

Causes of toilet infections

Public and dirty toilets

The easiest way to contract toilet infection is by using unclean toilet. Ladies should be wary of using unclean pit latrines and water closet system. If you can, avoid public toilet.


Douching is the method ladies often use to clean themselves up after using the toilets. Ladies need to clean themselves up properly and avoid the use of harmful solvents.


Due to the rate by which hormones secreted during pregnancy, ladies are prone to have toilet infection during pregnancy period.

Dirty underwears

It is so sad that we still find ladies who wear the same underwears for a week. I thought only guys do that! Ladies who refuse to change their underwears regularly are prone to toilet infection.

Using deodorants

Some ladies use perfumes and deodorants on their main private part because they want it smell nice. Like seriously? Who cares about such things in this age and time when money is there to be made? Ladies should take proper care of themselves without these frivolities.

You sure need to know the real signs of infection as well as curing this disease. Continue reading next page below.


Signs of toilet infections

Many ladies are infected with obvious signs. However, they don’t seem to suspect infection. Therefore, watch out for below signs;

Irregular menstrual flow

When a lady starts to have menstrual flow, that is abnormal on a frequent ratio, it may be because of toilet infection. Meanwhile, I made a post about menstrual pain solution, which can be helpful.

Constant itching in the private part

When you start having persistent itching around your private part, then it is sure you have the disease. Sometimes, this itching comes with so much pain.

Pain from the abdomen

This is also known as the abdominal pain. There are many things that can lead to abdominal pain. However, when you notice this sign with one or two other signs on this page, then be prepare to treat infection.

Urinal pain

When we feel pain and discomfort when trying to urinate, you are infected.

Abnormal genital discharge

Women usually secretes fluids. But when it becomes more than they normally discharge, it may be toilet infection.

 Prevention of toilet infections

  1. Ladies should stop using perfumes and deodorants to their vag!nas.No one cares, please!
  2. Change your underwears daily. Leave the one brief per week to guys alone (didn’t mean that).
  3. Please carry toiletries whenever you are going out, in case of emergencies (it doesn’t look nice for a queen to be begging for tissue).
  4. Asides changing your underwears, please don’t borrow friends your undies, it’s not hygienic, even guys don’t do that!
  5. Be careful with those you have sexual intercourse with. Have one partner and always protect yourself.

Treatment of toilet infections

Treating toilet infection depends on the particular type of infection that you have been infected with.

  1. Periodontal gel is known to be effective against the BV virus.
  2. Garlic, especially the peeled one, has been confirmed to be effective against toilet infection. This is because garlic has allicin, which fights against the BV virus.
  3. Metronidazole and tinidazole are very effective antibiotics against trichomoniasis. Please use them only in single doses and they are safe for pregnant women. Also note that you can transmit trichomoniasis sexually, therefore inform your sexual partner if you have any.
  4. Most toilet infections are treatable with antifungal creams like terconazole (Terazol 3), butoconazole (Gynazole-1) and clotrimazole (Gyne-Lotrimin).


Please see a doctor, if all these treatments fail. In conclusion, toilet infections and diseases can be harmful to your body. Take swift medical prescriptions once you notice the symptoms.

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