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5 Helpful Business Tricks For Small Businesses


Today, we will be saddling through business tricks for small businesses. Can anybody, honestly, argue that we all need the tricks to excel at some things? Hence, the need to find hacks and tricks to tame excellence.

Business Tricks For Small Businesses

5 Helpful Business Tricks For Small Businesses

It’s unfortunate that a lot of small businesses don’t survive beyond the first few years of their existence, but this mainly happens due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done to help sustain a small business. Lifesaddle is sharing these 5 helpful business tricks that small businesses can profit from. You should also check out Applying for Life Insurance? Things to expect.

Remain Abreast of Your Cash Flow

This is a very important aspect of business tricks for small businesses. It is important to have a good and accurate idea of the daily, weekly and monthly financial needs and trends of your organization. Also, to follow up with your company’s current cash flow. When you have a good idea of your financial situation at every point, it makes you financially prudent in your business decisions, which help to improve your sustainability as a business.

Set Business Goals

This can come in the form of targets which ultimately help achieve business goals. The fact is, small businesses need to work with targets if they intend to remain in business in the long run. Setting goals and objectives and developing targets to help meet goals and objectives is essential for business success because it serves as a ‘planning tool’ that help keep your business-focused, and ultimately helps to move your business forward.

Learn How to Use Low Budget High Impact Marketing

Small businesses cannot afford to waste money on ineffective marketing. Therefore, as a small business, if you must spend on marketing, you need to ensure that what you are spending on will have the needed impact. One way to do this is by testing marketing tactics for effectiveness before adding them to your campaign or marketing mix. Also, be sure to invest in low budget marketing options like social media and content marketing.

Monitor Business Trends

For some reason, a good number of small businesses fail to do this. No business operates in a vacuum, and small businesses need to be particularly sensitive to business or industry trends because they bear the brunt of even the slightest change in these trends. It is important for small businesses to remain current on trends and issues happening in their industry and local community.

Also, if possible, go a step further to predict possible future trends likely to occur. This way, it is easier to develop a response or reaction plan to quickly adjust to the changes before they negatively affect the business. If large corporations are doing this, it only means small businesses need to do this even more if they want to survive.

Motivate Your Staff

As a growing small business, you need your staff to remain motivated and ready to give their best to the growth of your firm. You might not have the resources to keep your staff happy in monetary terms, but you can figure out other incentives to help keep them motivated and encourage higher levels of performance. This is indeed one of the great business tricks for small businesses.

Bottom line

In conclusion, business tricks for small businesses revolve around financial discipline, research, and team motivation. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be discipline financially to thrive in any business. Likewise, be a good Boss. I wish you the very best in your businesses. Before you leave, spare some time to check out “7 Awesome Travel Tips For Countries Of Different Language“.

Applying for Life Insurance? Things to expect

happy family life insurance

Life insurance will give those who are dependent on you the comfort assurance when you are gone. It can provide necessary resources by replacing your wages when you unable to fill the gap. Check out 6 of Entrepreneurs challenges and solutions.

happy family life insurance

But how do you purchase such promising coverage? What are the needful things to be done to get the best rate offer? A prior understanding of the process of getting a safe and reliable life insurance can help you in getting coverage at pocket-friendly price. Entrepreneurs retirement planning in 3 easy stages.

How to determine your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance has two main categories;

  1. Permanent Life insurance – This insurance provides coverage for your entire life span
  2. Term Life insurance – This insurance has a set period of which it can provide coverage.

You can consult a local insurance broker to know more about the Life insurance option you might intend to opt-in for.

Once you conclude to opt-in for the life insurance; it is vital to consider your beneficiaries. Look into how much they will require and confirm that the amount of coverage you chose is sufficient.  This amount will definitely depend on some factors. Some of these factors include, but not limited to, the age of beneficiaries, financial abilities of your spouse and joint financial resources. 10 Online courses that can saddle your life.

Useful Tips for the Application Process 

Applying for life insurance require some necessary information of you as the applicant. These information include, but not limited to, name, address, and employers. Some personal data that are essential include; Height, weight, date of birth, lifestyle habits, and financial information. Balancing your self-care routine for maximum health.

Although, you might feel reluctant to reveal truthful information about your weight and other health issues. It is, however, important you state the truth and not make the insurance company discover you lied about your health conditions or lifestyle. Lying about crucial data may increase your premium, and can lead to the cancellation of your policy.

Some insurance companies can accept the health record you provide. However, some insurer will require an in-person medical examination. A paramedic from insurer will run a medical exam on you. During the examination process, the paramedic will likely perform the following;

Insurers’ Paramedic tasks

  • Check your blood pressure.
  • Check your height and weight.
  • Get your blood sample
  • Take your medical history.
  • Ask about your immediate family’s medical history.
  • Get your uring sample.
  • Listen to your heartbeat.
  • Checks lifestyle habits that could affect your health.

An additional test might be carried out on you depending on your age and the type of policy you are purchasing. The other test could include an EKG, a chest x-ray, and if necessary a treadmill test.

An underwriter will evaluate your application and medical result. A medical report of treatment history will also go through analysis to learn more about your medical condition.

This would be of help the insurance companies determine how much risk you might represent to the company financially and charges for your coverage. Untruthfulness about ones medical issues may lead to not only been denied coverage but ensuring other insurers which means you have been red-flagged.

A proper review of your application and medical report will determine its approval or denial. Some of the verification can take days or weeks, hence, the reason for the waiting period. The involvement of third parties makes it hard to have a specific date of completion. For example, the delay from the physician or the lab.

Ways to Reduce Your Life Insurance cost.

It’s noteworthy to mention that you have no influence over three significant factors; Age, family and medical history. Whereas, these factors affect your insurance premium. Certain lifestyle adjustments can reduce your insurance premium;

Quit smoking

Smoking increase chance of untimely death. This implies that smokers have lesser years to make payments before giving up the ghost.

Lose weight

A low cholesterol level would help you reduce blood pressure, and it cut the tendencies of chronic disease like diabetes. All of these improvements to your health would definitely reduce your insurance premium.

Reduce or quit alcohol intake

By now, you are aware that your application will go through a thorough scan. Insight into your driving records and medical exam report will produce clear report into your drinking habit. Alcohol consumption can be a significant risk to your health, so it is advisable to drink less or quit drinking. Less alcohol can increase your chance of paying less for life insurance.

Ensure good driving records

Lastly, maintaining and improving good driving records is a sure way to reduce premium. Guilty of multiple driving violations can increase your insurance premium.

Other ways to reduce your premium include:

  • Changing from permanent to term life insurance: You might want to consider changing your insurance policy. Your age and the duration of life you expect will determine the need for the change. However, check the termination policy on your present coverage before making such change.
  • Switching insurers: you might get a better coverage for a lesser premium charges or maybe exact price.
  • Look into having a “no-load” or “low-load” policies: a flat fee rate is charged for this policy rather than a steep commissions; they are quite cheaper.
  • Asking about payment discounts: Insurance companies usually offer discounts if you settle payments promptly. You stand a higher chance of getting a reasonable discount if your settlements are withdrawn automatically from your bank account.
  • Reviewing your transaction report: Your report will reveal your transactions history, which will determine your premium. A prompt payment of bills will put you in an advantageous position. It is, however, advisable that you inform the company of the intention of early fee.
  • Choosing a company that has experience covering people with your condition: Your medical condition is paramount so. Therefore, ensure you are insured under a life insurance that can work with it, you can get this through the help of a broker.
  • Reviewing your Medical Information Bureau file: You should be aware that your medical records are shared with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). You can request for a copy which is free from their website and review it as a wrong information could affect your premium negatively.


You should be very educated about the life insurance and the insurance options available and suitable coverage. That would be beneficiary to you and your loved ones and ensure a smooth process of it. Death is an unwanted visitor, get your loved ones covered and financially stable even after your demise.

7 Awesome Travel Tips For Countries Of Different Language

Travel Tips For Countries Of Different Language

Today lets saddle through travel tips for countries of different language. It can really be difficult to explore countries that do not speak our primary or secondary languages. For an adventurer, language is not a barrier, however, its important to know how to work above limitations. You should also read “6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast“.

Travel Tips For Countries Of Different Language

7 Tips For Travelling To A Country Where You Do Not Speak The Language

It is a fact that many travellers will prefer to visit a country or destination where they actually understand the language. This is because it is easier to interact and communicate with people of the same language. However, there are circumstances that may warrant you to visit a country where you do not speak the language. Below are some tips that will help you have smooth and hitch-free getaway or trip regardless of your lingual abilities. Let’s dive into travel tips for countries of different language.

Learn a few words/keyphrases

Before you travel, learn some key phrases. This is because there may be situations where it’s important to communicate something complex appropriately. If you can’t, the locals may never understand what you are trying to say. This is ideally the first thing to do on the list of travel tips for countries of different language.

Speak with hand gestures

Gestures like pointing and miming can often get your message across and it is one of the effective ways to let people or locals know that you do not speak or understand the language.

Use your smartphone camera to record your route

If you want to explore and do not want to get lost, use your smartphone to take pictures or videos of significant intersections, buildings and signs that might serve as landmarks along your path. This will assist you in retracing your steps. The list of travel tips for countries of different language still continues. However, it’s important to keep this in mind as a security check.

Use a translator app

Technology always has a solution for nearly everything. So, do not hesitate to download a good translator app. Google Translate app can be a lifesaver. Point the app’s camera at the text, and the app automatically translates it. It also lets you have a conversation with someone. Translator app can not be missing on the list of travel tips for countries of different language.

Never assume that people speak English

You already know you are in a country where you do not speak the language. But, you may probably forget and assume that they speak your lingua franca. You may have started speaking before realising that they do not understand you. This can be frustrating. This is why it is important to learn the basic of the language.

Have a plan for getting from the airport to your hotel

The moment when you arrive at the airport is often when you are at your most vulnerable because you do not understand what everyone is saying. Thus, it is essential to have a plan for getting from the airport to your hotel. The best option is to let your hotel car service, if they have one, pick you at the hotel.

Carry a paper map in the local language

Paper maps in the local language can also help. You can easily point out where you are going on the map and since it is in the local language, it will be easier for people to offer assistance.

Bottom Line on Travel Tips For Countries Of Different Language

We all look into the country we are visiting, however, we need to look more when its a country with another language. We need to map out a detailed plan to ease the bridge the communication gap. Before leaving, check out 5 Holiday Eating Tips To Escape Weight Gain.

6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast

6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

We will be saddling through 6 foods we should not eat for breakfast in order to enjoy the benefits of not skipping the morning meal. Breakfast is arguably the best meal of the day. However, it’s important to know what to consume for breakfast.

6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast

For some people, starting their day with breakfast is a proven recipe for having a good day. Breakfast provides the body with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients required to feel vibrant. However, there are some foods you should totally stay clear of if you really want to start off your day the right way. In this article, we look into some of these foods. Check out 4 Basic Things You Should Consider before buying anything.

Flavoured yoghurt

Flavoured yoghurt contains sugar and sweeteners. In fact, these yoghurts can have more sugar than your regular soft drink. Taking flavoured yoghurt can shoot up your cravings for sweet items much later in the day.


Bananas may seem like a great choice for breakfast because it is starchy, and will probably give you plenty of energy to last you for a significant part of the day. This is because bananas are high in simple sugars, which your body will burn off in no time, and will leave you feeling even hungrier than before.


Some people are addicted to morning coffee and drinking it on an empty stomach can have an impact on digestion due to its acidic content. The rule of thumb is to always have your coffee or tea with additional food. Out of all these 6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast, coffee seems to be among the most common breakfast meal.

Processed meat

Processed meats like sausages and meat pies have become an open road to heart diseases as they contribute directly to cardiovascular and coronary disease. This is because it has a high combination of fats and preservatives.


Butter is not bad in small amounts, but if you’re eating it every single morning in large quantities, it means you are ingesting high doses of unhealthy fat. You can replace your butter with a healthier option like low-fat cream cheese.


Mango is very high in sugar. You would be surprised to know that an average-sized mango contains up to two-third of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, therefore, boost our immune system. However, Mango will increase your blood sugar levels and leave you hungry before lunch.

Final notes

It’s one thing to be a good meal, it’s another thing to be appropriate. Therefore, the fact that a meal is great does not automatically means its suitable for breakfast. Hence, try and take from these 6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast. If you can spare some minutes, check out “Finding Love in this new decade“. Go back to the homepage to check out awesome articles that can help you saddle through life.

Buying Tips: 4 Basic Things You Should Consider

buying tips

You will agree with me that we all can do better with purchases if we have access to good buying tips. How many times have we gone to the store to return home feeling duped? That is exactly why we need good buying tips. By the way, check out “10 Red Flag Signs Observed by a Concerned Female“.

buying tips

4 Basic Things You Should Consider Before Buying Anything

In trying to be smart with our budgets, to avoid wasteful spending and to cut back on our general spending, it is best to know some basic things that should be considered before buying anything. Hence, I am sharing these buying tips on 4 basic things you should consider before buying anything.

Consider its Purpose

Even if the item is being offered at a great price, don’t just buy it because it’s a great deal, buy it because you actually have use for it. If you don’t have use for an item or can’t think of any way it really is useful to you, then it’s best to refrain from the purchase to prevent wasteful spending.

Consider its Shelf-Life

Shelf-life is more or less how long an item will last. Again, you might be tempted to buy an item because it’s cheap and seems like a good deal, but it will be quite disappointing to buy an item at a ‘great price’ only for it to spoil a day after because it’s not durable. As much as you consider the price of any item you are purchasing, be sure to also consider it’s quality, durability. and longevity

Consider the Reason for the Purchase

Another thing you have to consider before buying anything is the reason you are buying it. Are you buying the items because you need it or because of some kind of peer pressure? Many times, buying things because you are trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ doesn’t end well for you or your finances.

This is because in trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’, you tend to spend way beyond your financial limit and end up having to resort to desperate means like borrowing to make up for the financial deficit.

Consider if You can Find it Cheaper Elsewhere

This basically means that you should consider if there are places you can get the item at a cheaper price without compromising quality. For example, if you want to buy fresh produce, rather than buying it at a store, it might be cheaper to get it at a farmer’s market without compromising quality.

Additionally, when you want to buy an item you should be willing to shop around, compare prices and possibly negotiate; you’ll be astonished at how much you can save by doing this.


This should be more like a bit of advice from me to you; if it’s not important, let it go. Financial discipline goes really long way in achieving our dreams and reaching our goals. Before leaving, check out “5 Holiday Eating Tips To Escape Weight Gain“. See you on another life saddling article.

5 Holiday Eating Tips To Escape Weight Gain

holiday eating tips prevent weight gain

If you are like me, the excitement for the holiday includes eating to the fullest. That brings me to write this piece on holiday eating tips to escape weight gain. As much as we all want to eat, as though we are covering for all the busy schedules that made us skipped meals, we need to be careful. Therefore, if you are mindful of weight gain, these holiday eating tips are for you.

holiday eating tips prevent weight gain

5 Holiday Eating Tips To Escape Weight Gain

We are all clearly excited because of the thrilling perks that come with holidays. One of such perks is food. There is always so much to eat and drink. Hence, it is no gainsaying that everybody gathers weight over the holidays. This said, there are certain things you can do to prevent or escape weight gain during the festive season. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No 1 online food ordering platform, shares some of these things.

Please hold on, are you aware that poor sitting posture affects your wellbeing? I hope you do know, read it here before you forget.

Don’t show up hungry

Some people think that by starving themselves before a holiday meal, they will be able to treat themselves at the table to a spectacular meal and compensate for their lack of eating beforehand. This is wrong. If you show up starving, you will just end up eating more than you would have if you ate breakfast.

Use smaller plates

Studies have found that people serve themselves in proportion to their plate size. It, therefore, follows that the smaller your plates, the lesser the possibility that you are going to overeat.

Keep alcohol simple

Alcohol has a large amount of calorie depending on the brand you prefer. So, endeavour to keep your alcohol choices simple to prevent holiday weight gain.

Pick protein

Protein can help maintain a healthy weight because high-proteinous foods encourage and promote greater satisfaction. Proteinous foods include beans, eggs, chicken, milk and soya beans among others.

Allow yourself sleep

When you are sleep deprived, you feel sluggish and you will end up feeling extra hungry and craving foods. Thus, give your body enough sleep so that you feel good and enjoy eating healthy foods.

Final words on holiday eating tips to avoid weight gain

In conclusion, it’s not rocket science to have your holiday fun under check. Hence to have your awesome weight in check, do follow the holiday eating tips to avoid weight gain in this article. In summary, don’t starve yourself to eat more, use small plates, avoid or reduce alcohol consumption, finally, sleep. Rest is important, the creator is reported to have rested too.

Apply for Funding from Lagos State


We wrote on what to expect after cover-19 pandemic, and highlighted that there would be the emergence of new industries and that the government will increase support to improve non-oil revenue points.

You can now apply for funding from Lagos State for all business/services that will cushion the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apply for Lagos State Funding

The Lagos stage science research and innovation council, which is the funding body is calling for fund ready, innovative solutions towards alleviating the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Lagos State Funding will provide direct funding towards research initiatives and innovative projects around the following.

Funding for Research Applications

You can get the Lagos State funding if you require funding for a business or idea that improves food security in the state, you can apply here.

The state plans to ensure the integrity of the agricultural value chain which is critical to the survival and prosperity of Lagos State.


Innovative Projects Apply for Lagos State Funding

Funding for Innovative Applications

If you require the Lagos State funding for fast-tracked detection techniques, products and services around Covid-19 or working towards experiments and productions towards a cure or vaccine or any life-saving drug, you can apply for funding here.

Businesses geared towards manufacturing which will help reduce reliance on importation are also advised to apply for the Lagos State funding here.

The goal of LASRIC is to make Lagos State one of the world’s knowledge hubs through the application of Science and Technology.

We would bring you more useful information and updates on Covid-19 and any other aspect of life to help saddle you to a path of self-improvement.

Please drop a comment about your experience with the application and share this post with someone who might need funding.

How Poor Sitting Posture Affects Your Wellbeing

good and poor sitting posture

Poor sitting posture is alarmingly leaving adverse effects on our wellbeing. When we are on the seat for a long time, maintaining a good sitting posture can help to avoid harmful side effects.

good and poor sitting posture

By now, I believe we all know that improper sitting posture has a definite impact on our bodies, especially on our spine. However, there are many unseen impacts you might not notice or put into consideration. Please do well to read “6 Amazing Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain.

Adverse effects of poor sitting posture

Here are a few ways that poor sitting posture could affect your wellbeing.

1. Shoulder and Back Pain

Poor sitting posture can lead to shoulder and back pain. Some severe cases would require a specialist to address the issue, still at that many people have been living with this “uneasiness” for so long that they don’t see it. Have you been noticing that pestering twinge that you have in your shoulder? Have you also noticed that shooting pain in your back that travels every which way now and again? They might be because of poor posture misaligning your spine.

2. Headache and Facial Pain

When you sit and bend over your PC or slant on the couch, you will probably be pulling your jaw. Gripping and tightening these muscles can cause jaw and back pains. To avoid these pains, try sitting at the edge of your seat when you’re working in the work area. When you’re on the couch, put a pillow behind your back to help you sit up straight.

This particular adverse effect of poor sitting posture has solved the curiosity behind my constant headache while writing on the couch. However, I have noticed that I can write for a long time when writing on my study desk and chair. That I can confirm that poor sitting posture contributes to how effective I can work. By the way, have you read the causes and treatments of toilet infection? Click here to read it.

3. Low energy or fatigue

Research has proven that people who slouch have less power than those who sit upright and stand up straight. This less energy occurs because the bad sitting posture puts more of stress on your joints and muscles. Meanwhile, If you’re already overweight, this doubles the pressure on your joints. Hence, the wrong posture makes your body to use more energy for every little task. If at all, you’re not overweight, the stress can be too much for your body system.

4. Depression

According to some research; poor sitting posture is part of the causes of depression, sadness, and lack of confidence. People that sat upright during the experiment showed positive emotions and had an increased rate of speech. Participants who slouched showed less courage and seemed overall less cheerful than the other group.

5. Constipation

Slouching affects your digestive health. Compressing your colon and other digestive organs do not allow them to function correctly. Furthermore, it can result in discomfort and constipation; in any case, you should avoid both at all costs. If you have to be in your office chair for hours, always try and take time each hour to stretch stand up straight. The breaks are a great way to protect your digestive system from the effects of sitting and slouching all day.


I hope you are not convinced that wrong sitting posture can cause headaches, body aches, constipation, fatigue, and even depression. I had like to emphasize depression because it’s now rampant among youth and teenagers. Learn how my bank savings gives me 10% interest.

In conclusion, our sitting posture directly affects our overall wellbeing as well as our productivity. Although learning to change the sitting position that has become part of you might be hard. However, the result is enough motivation to endure the change. Change come at a cost. See you around friends💕

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain

health benefits of Unripe Plantain

There are many health benefits of unripe plantains which you might not be aware. This article will saddle you through 6 of such health benefits of unripe Plantain and its plenty of nourishing advantage. Do not forget to read “Top 7 Lifestyle Causes of Mouth Odour“.

health benefits of Unripe Plantain

Meanwhile, the reason behind the numerous health benefits of unripe Plantain is due to its abundance of essential vitamins and minerals. Some example of the vitamins and minerals present in unripe Plantain includes; Dietary Fibre, vitamin B-complex, potassium, copper, magnesium, niacin, riboflavin, manganese and thiamin. “Four Things to Expect After Covid-19”

Unripe plantains have this neutral taste, as in neither sweet nor bitter while ripe plantains have this super sweet taste. Also, they are ideal diets for men, women and even children.

Top health benefits of unripe Plantain

Below are some of the amazing gift we get from adding unripe Plantain to our diet. Ther are, however, not limited to the ones on this list.

1. Aids Digestive system

The abundance of Fibre in unripe Plantain makes it a superfood when it comes to the digestive and circulatory system. Fibre improves bowel regularity as well as softening your stool and enhances its overall size and weight. Generally, it is easier to pass bulky stools. Therefore, one of the health benefits of unripe Plantain is preventing constipation while enhancing the digestive system.

Adding unripe Plantain to your diet can also lessen your risk of haemorrhoids. Also, it can decrease those small pouches in the large intestine known as diverticular disease. The Fibre in unripe Plantain makes it also increases fullness and may help regulate cholesterol.

2. Build and fortify bone

Calcium is a fundamental mineral required for stronger bones, muscles, nails and teeth. One of the health benefits of unripe Plantain is its richness in Calcium. Additionally, a substantial meal with unripe Plantain will fight bone diseases such as Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a health condition where the bones become fragile due to loss of tissue, usually because of hormonal changes, or deficiency of Calcium.

3. Healthy meal and weight loss

They are soo low in carbohydrates, with high fibre content, essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, when taken with plenty of vegetable soup and chicken. Even more, it makes a significant weight loss and a healthy meal.

4. Reduce the chance of Diabetes

As we all know that unripe plantains are low in sugar and sweetness compared with ripe or overripe ones. Furthermore, this makes it best shot for Diabetes mainly when included with other Fibre and protein-rich nourishment, for example, green vegetables. In this manner, they make an incredible choice for avoiding Diabetes.

5. Can treat Anaemia and neuritis

Do you know the presence of vitamin B6 can help in curing neuritis? Neuritis is an aggravation of the nerve. Likewise, it can cure Anaemia: this is a medical condition where somebody has low red platelets in their blood, which in turn causes weakness. Unripe Plantain, as earlier noted in the introductory paragraph, contains vitamin A, B6 and C. These vitamins help the body system with better vision, better skin appearance and build immunity against diseases.

6. Boost s3xual performance

One of the unpopular health benefits of unripe Plantain is s3xual performance and good male fertility. Adding unripe Plantain as part of your healthy meal plan helps you enhance your s3xual execution through expanded lib!do. Also, it will improve fertility in male as well as thickening the sperm.


Now that you have discovered some fantastic health benefits of unripe Plantain, you will do well by adding them into your diet. Unripe Plantain will put up a fight against Diabetes and helps with your digestive system. Also, rather than waiting to be diagnosed with Anaemia, unripe Plantain could make sure it never gets to that stage.

Lastly, unripe Plantain meal is not some awful or tasteless meals. There are great meal servings made from unripe Plantain that you might not be able to reject with a filled stomach.

Top 7 Lifestyle Causes of Mouth Odour

lifestyle causes of mouth odour

Are there lifestyle causes of mouth odour aside brushing of teeth? The answer is yes because you will soon find out in this article. Walking around with mouth odour is very embarrassing and also bad for your well being. Aside from being an irritation to people around you, you could be hosting bacteria that can affect your well-being.

One of the major causes of mouth odour is the development of germs and microbes inside your mouth. If we do not properly clean our mouth regularly, after some time, a condition known as halitosis or steady bad breath will emerge. This condition is what we all see and perceive in mouth odour. But pause, have you read FINDING LOVE IN THIS DECADE?

Nobody wants to be going around while carrying unpleasant mouth odour. It’s humiliating, irritating, and individuals around the world attempt to get rid of it or conceal it as much as possible.

The main thing individuals do to eliminate mouth odour is brushing their teeth regularly. However, brushing our teeth alone cant get rid of mouth odour. In some cases, we could floss and even brush with mouthwash, yet, carry the burden of mouth odour.

Lifestyle causes of mouth odour

Although there are many lifestyle causes of mouth odour (halitosis), these are the leading activities.

1. Skipping breakfast

I had like to believe that we all know how essential breakfast in our overall wellbeing. From being able to prevent type 2 diabetes, improving our memory, decreasing hunger, and helping us make greater nutritional choices throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast is also a leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Because a healthy breakfast suppresses mouth odour by stimulating the creation of saliva and brushing microscopic organisms from the tongue.

2. Alcohol

Although consuming alcohol in little quantity will most likely not lead to mouth odour. However, alcohol is addictive and might not be able to limit consumption as times goes on. Alcohol’s effect on salivary organs leads to dry mouth which ultimately leads to mouth odour. As said earlier, moderate consumption may not lead to mouth odour.

It is noteworthy to mention that consuming a lot of water might help keep the salivary organ hydrated. However, this is just the writer opinion, which is not a piece of professional medic advice. But without a doubt, alcohol is one of the unsuspecting lifestyle causes of mouth odour.

3. Too much coffee

Coffee consumption can not be regarded as lifestyle causes of mouth odour, however, too much good is bad. Coffee is capable of drying out the mouth, which will create a friendly habitat for microbes in the mouth. Our tongue, gums, teeth and cheeks should not be dry in order not to allow microbes to flourish.

Also, it’s important to mention that microscopic organisms can be aided with the milk and creams in coffee. Like I suggested in alcohol consumption, drinking a lot of water after coffee can help kill mouth odour.

4. Chewing gum

Many of us have been here before; Anytime we feel like we might be having mouth odour, we tend to chew gum with the hope of suppressing it. Unfortunately, many of the gums we chew are capable of leaving us with the gift of mouth odour. This is why chewing gum is on the list of lifestyle causes of mouth odour.

Some findings suggest that sugar-free gum is the only gum capable of covering odour coming from the mouth. The xylitol present in most sugar-free gum as a sweetener can protect the mouth from microscopic organisms. Studies have proven that only this type of sugar-free gum can protect our mouth from microbes that cause cavities and mouth odour.

5. Dry mouth

Have you ever been curious why many people have mouth odour when they wake up? This is because we produce less saliva while sleeping unlike when we are awake and active. The oxygen present in our spit makes it highly essential.

Our saliva hinders microorganisms development and also act as an antibacterial that helps combat sustenance particles. What this means is that our mouth can be free of mouth odour. Any lifestyle than includes having a dry mouth is very bad for our dental hygiene. Hence, it is very important to drink plenty of water, even when we are not thirsty.

6. Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Smoking will not only leave you with a smelly mouth but also colour your teeth. Also, smoking is capable of aggravating your gums and make you lose your taste sense.

This is not an article to talk on smoking, but if smoking is capable of giving you $1, it would have taken $10 from you. There is no consumption measure here, if you can, try as much as you can to desist from smoking. Remember it comes with a warning that its consumers are liable to die earlier than their time in life.

7. Drugs

It is an established fact that some pharmacological compounds have been identified as causes of mouth odour. These drugs are still used to treat broad of diseases. In the case you are treating a disease that requires these drugs, avoid over-usage, in any case, over-usage is bad for your well-being.

You can not stop taking drugs just because you want to avoid mouth odour, but you can discuss with your specialist for proper guidance. If you find yourself with prescribed drugs giving you mouth odour you are not comfortable with, you can suppress it with sugar-free gum which contains Xylitol. Also, remember the plenty of water treatment, drink a lot of it to suppress odour. Aside from making your mouth free of odour, plenty of water consumption is good for our overall well-being.


These are leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Although we might not agree or see the importance in some, adjusting our lifestyle will reveal the changes and you will thank yourself for making those adjustments.

There are few other minor activities that can result in mouth odour, hence, the need to be observant and keep good dental hygiene.

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