Overcoming mental block easily in 5 ways

mental block

Mental block is what writers call “writer’s block’’, other call it “creative block’’. But whatever it is, it sucks. Here is how to overcome it.

mental block

Steps to Overcoming mental block

Take It Step-By-Step

Focus on the things you find easy first. You see the brain is a very complex organ and the trick is to start with the little things first before moving to the complex tasks. This always works for me.

Distract Your Mind from Mental Block

Distract yourself by doing something else. While I was writing this article for instance, I got overwhelmed because as a writer you get to a point where you are just mentally exhausted and your head needs a break. So what I did was take a break from typing, I made myself a snack and watched a YouTube video by Liza Koshy. I laughed while I ate and then I returned back to my work, I found out that I have recovered my creative flow.

It is that simple, you need to give yourself a break. Sometimes, it might be just picking up a book or listen to music. Whatever works for you, just distract yourself with it. It did not necessarily mean that I quit my work, I only took a break. A much needed one.

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Leave Your Comfort Zone

Also, you can get yourself out of the mental block by talking to people. Introverts might have a hard time with this but trust me it works. As a fellow introvert who prefers watching a movie instead of making friends; I found out that I get pushed out of my comfort zone when I go out there and talk to someone or when I decide to keep a conversation going with an acquaintance instead of finding ways to close the conversation so I can return to my bed. If you are lucky, you might find some conversations engaging and helpful.

Challenge Yourself

A mental block can also be conquered by collaborations. Not just holding a conversation with someone sometimes brings back your creative juice, you need to put out suggestions to work with people. It might be in the niche you are familiar with or if you want to challenge yourself a bit more, you could try to learn something new. Collaboration these days can put you out there especially in this age where people are not just using social media to post pictures. You can collaborate with a brand, or magazine, or a company. The opportunities are limitless, all because you refuse to let a mental block bring you down.

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Get Out Of Your Room

Finally, this point is a given because I believe being recluse is a recipe for mental block. If you remain in your room for hours, you start to crave an outdoor attention. Sometimes, the noise is just so distracting on its own. So why not take a walk to the park, or plan a trip to the museum, or join a book reading, or go on a shopping therapy, or go see a movie. Just take a shower and pick up an activity, this helps to relax the muscles in the body and the brain as well.

Final note

Mental block is a thief of time, a big sister of procrastination, with sole aim of wasting your time. Although, overcoming mental block is not something complex to achieve; but they are the things we might not see as big deal. In conclusion, remember that little things matters. Escape from that blockage today become more creative onward. I wish you and I the very best in our good endeavours.



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