Top 7 Lifestyle Causes of Mouth Odour

lifestyle causes of mouth odour

Are there lifestyle causes of mouth odour aside brushing of teeth? The answer is yes because you will soon find out in this article. Walking around with mouth odour is very embarrassing and also bad for your well being. Aside from being an irritation to people around you, you could be hosting bacteria that can affect your well-being.

One of the major causes of mouth odour is the development of germs and microbes inside your mouth. If we do not properly clean our mouth regularly, after some time, a condition known as halitosis or steady bad breath will emerge. This condition is what we all see and perceive in mouth odour. But pause, have you read FINDING LOVE IN THIS DECADE?

Nobody wants to be going around while carrying unpleasant mouth odour. It’s humiliating, irritating, and individuals around the world attempt to get rid of it or conceal it as much as possible.

The main thing individuals do to eliminate mouth odour is brushing their teeth regularly. However, brushing our teeth alone cant get rid of mouth odour. In some cases, we could floss and even brush with mouthwash, yet, carry the burden of mouth odour.

Lifestyle causes of mouth odour

Although there are many lifestyle causes of mouth odour (halitosis), these are the leading activities.

1. Skipping breakfast

I had like to believe that we all know how essential breakfast in our overall wellbeing. From being able to prevent type 2 diabetes, improving our memory, decreasing hunger, and helping us make greater nutritional choices throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast is also a leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Because a healthy breakfast suppresses mouth odour by stimulating the creation of saliva and brushing microscopic organisms from the tongue.

2. Alcohol

Although consuming alcohol in little quantity will most likely not lead to mouth odour. However, alcohol is addictive and might not be able to limit consumption as times goes on. Alcohol’s effect on salivary organs leads to dry mouth which ultimately leads to mouth odour. As said earlier, moderate consumption may not lead to mouth odour.

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It is noteworthy to mention that consuming a lot of water might help keep the salivary organ hydrated. However, this is just the writer opinion, which is not a piece of professional medic advice. But without a doubt, alcohol is one of the unsuspecting lifestyle causes of mouth odour.

3. Too much coffee

Coffee consumption can not be regarded as lifestyle causes of mouth odour, however, too much good is bad. Coffee is capable of drying out the mouth, which will create a friendly habitat for microbes in the mouth. Our tongue, gums, teeth and cheeks should not be dry in order not to allow microbes to flourish.

Also, it’s important to mention that microscopic organisms can be aided with the milk and creams in coffee. Like I suggested in alcohol consumption, drinking a lot of water after coffee can help kill mouth odour.

4. Chewing gum

Many of us have been here before; Anytime we feel like we might be having mouth odour, we tend to chew gum with the hope of suppressing it. Unfortunately, many of the gums we chew are capable of leaving us with the gift of mouth odour. This is why chewing gum is on the list of lifestyle causes of mouth odour.

Some findings suggest that sugar-free gum is the only gum capable of covering odour coming from the mouth. The xylitol present in most sugar-free gum as a sweetener can protect the mouth from microscopic organisms. Studies have proven that only this type of sugar-free gum can protect our mouth from microbes that cause cavities and mouth odour.

5. Dry mouth

Have you ever been curious why many people have mouth odour when they wake up? This is because we produce less saliva while sleeping unlike when we are awake and active. The oxygen present in our spit makes it highly essential.

Our saliva hinders microorganisms development and also act as an antibacterial that helps combat sustenance particles. What this means is that our mouth can be free of mouth odour. Any lifestyle than includes having a dry mouth is very bad for our dental hygiene. Hence, it is very important to drink plenty of water, even when we are not thirsty.

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6. Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Smoking will not only leave you with a smelly mouth but also colour your teeth. Also, smoking is capable of aggravating your gums and make you lose your taste sense.

This is not an article to talk on smoking, but if smoking is capable of giving you $1, it would have taken $10 from you. There is no consumption measure here, if you can, try as much as you can to desist from smoking. Remember it comes with a warning that its consumers are liable to die earlier than their time in life.

7. Drugs

It is an established fact that some pharmacological compounds have been identified as causes of mouth odour. These drugs are still used to treat broad of diseases. In the case you are treating a disease that requires these drugs, avoid over-usage, in any case, over-usage is bad for your well-being.

You can not stop taking drugs just because you want to avoid mouth odour, but you can discuss with your specialist for proper guidance. If you find yourself with prescribed drugs giving you mouth odour you are not comfortable with, you can suppress it with sugar-free gum which contains Xylitol. Also, remember the plenty of water treatment, drink a lot of it to suppress odour. Aside from making your mouth free of odour, plenty of water consumption is good for our overall well-being.


These are leading lifestyle causes of mouth odour. Although we might not agree or see the importance in some, adjusting our lifestyle will reveal the changes and you will thank yourself for making those adjustments.

There are few other minor activities that can result in mouth odour, hence, the need to be observant and keep good dental hygiene.

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