Getting more of what you want in life for sure


We can’t all be satisfied, true. Still, there are some things you’ll really need to consider before giving up on having what you want.

getting what you want

Getting what you want

Although the level of contentment determine how happy we are. Notwithstanding, getting more of what you want in life will make you a happier person. These are some of the things that increase the chances of getting what you want in life.

Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in A Basket

So, you want to ace that test? Then you’ll just have to get various other materials on different other platforms. You cannot have all your course work in a single source, like your textbook. Why don’t you download course materials online, back up those materials on the cloud or drive, and just in case anything might happen to your laptop or phone, you can always borrow someone else’s laptop or phone to retrieve your files and use them?

You surely don’t want an F on that test, do you? The same goes for the working class people—you should ensure that your work is kept safe in order not to lose your job. This could be very dangerous and tricky. Ensure your soft copy documents are spread in different files for easy reference and submission before the deadline.

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Don’t See Trouble and ‘Manage’ It

When you want something and it seems dangerous, don’t try ‘managing’ it. This is because you might just not be looking in the right direction. Keep moving until you get exactly what you’re looking for. For example, you need a serious relationship, but this girl keeps coming around because she’d gain something from you—why don’t you just tell her you’re not comfortable with it? You can’t just say “Oh, she’s the only one who’s around me. Let me ask her out” N-O! Keep looking; you might just find your Princess Charming.

Stay Patient

There are many opportunities in the world. Staying patient doesn’t however mean that you should sit back, watch, stay lazy, and expect miracles. You should make an effort to make things happen, but you should not just jump into things without thinking. That’s one mistake many people make. It is important that you analyze every decision you want to take before going into it. This is what patience requires.  If you are not patient, you might just get tired of trying, and that is something you would not want.

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Don’t Be Covetous

“Hey! She drives a Benz!” So what? Who even cares about that except her and the people she is going to give rides to. You are not entitled to be like anybody else. Even if you have a so-called ‘role-model’, you do not need to have what that person has. It is uncalled for.

When you look around you, you see the things that you have achieved. Why look at someone else, and try to have what they have. Many times, some people get their so-called property from unreliable and illegal sources. Is that what you want to do? If you keep chasing these things, you might end up losing what you actually have, or getting into a lot of trouble. You might even lose your dignity and self-worth if you begin to chase castles someone else has built up in your head.

Last note

Lastly, you might want to read this piece on psychology behind happiness by ResearchFeatures.



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