6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast

6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

We will be saddling through 6 foods we should not eat for breakfast in order to enjoy the benefits of not skipping the morning meal. Breakfast is arguably the best meal of the day. However, it’s important to know what to consume for breakfast.

6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast

For some people, starting their day with breakfast is a proven recipe for having a good day. Breakfast provides the body with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients required to feel vibrant. However, there are some foods you should totally stay clear of if you really want to start off your day the right way. In this article, we look into some of these foods. Check out 4 Basic Things You Should Consider before buying anything.

Flavoured yoghurt

Flavoured yoghurt contains sugar and sweeteners. In fact, these yoghurts can have more sugar than your regular soft drink. Taking flavoured yoghurt can shoot up your cravings for sweet items much later in the day.

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Bananas may seem like a great choice for breakfast because it is starchy, and will probably give you plenty of energy to last you for a significant part of the day. This is because bananas are high in simple sugars, which your body will burn off in no time, and will leave you feeling even hungrier than before.


Some people are addicted to morning coffee and drinking it on an empty stomach can have an impact on digestion due to its acidic content. The rule of thumb is to always have your coffee or tea with additional food. Out of all these 6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast, coffee seems to be among the most common breakfast meal.

Processed meat

Processed meats like sausages and meat pies have become an open road to heart diseases as they contribute directly to cardiovascular and coronary disease. This is because it has a high combination of fats and preservatives.

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Butter is not bad in small amounts, but if you’re eating it every single morning in large quantities, it means you are ingesting high doses of unhealthy fat. You can replace your butter with a healthier option like low-fat cream cheese.


Mango is very high in sugar. You would be surprised to know that an average-sized mango contains up to two-third of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, therefore, boost our immune system. However, Mango will increase your blood sugar levels and leave you hungry before lunch.

Final notes

It’s one thing to be a good meal, it’s another thing to be appropriate. Therefore, the fact that a meal is great does not automatically means its suitable for breakfast. Hence, try and take from these 6 Foods We Should Not Eat For Breakfast. If you can spare some minutes, check out “Finding Love in this new decade“. Go back to the homepage to check out awesome articles that can help you saddle through life.



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