Finding Love in this new decade

image depicting finding love

Love is one thing a human cannot do without, yet it is a choice. If you are without love, you are more like an empty vessel. Lets saddle into finding love in this decade with our ‘wokeness’.

image depicting finding love

Love must just happen. You are either loving someone or being loved, either ways; love wins. The beautiful thing about finding love is that there is no particular age for having a tango with passion. And the most incorrect item in the art of love is that you fall in love. Surprised? Well, do not be. Meanwhile, have you read Money benefits of recycling?

Finding love is choice

Love is a choice, and it does not happen like magic. Instead, it occurs over time. Finding love does not happen in a second or the moment you lay your eye on someone. Instead, it is the act of love that occurs in a second. You grow in love.

The new decade question

How do I go about finding love? This is a million-dollar question for the singles this period, especially with Valentine around the corner.

Who can find love?

There is no one you can not love. It depends on the choice of the individual who wants to love someone, the expectations, the interest. Yet, some things need to be done to make love a reality. Even if you do not check all in the want list of your partner-to-be.

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Finding love for the ladies

Your big booty, architecturally drawn brows and killer body shape is not enough to find your love.

Good Nature

Let us take two steps back, shall we? Why do you think in movies or books, Princes go for an every day Cinderella that does not give a darn about makeovers and elegant dresses? It is merely because she is beautiful inside-out. She does not need material things for her beauty to shine. It’s not until you use all the Mary kays in this world before you attract a man. Just be filled with good nature, be kind and be sweet.

Fake life or not?

Fake life is one act that hinders or destroys love, so, to find love, you’ve got to be original. In love, there is no reason to be ashamed of the true you. Do not boast of what you do not have and do not try to be what you are not. Be true to yourself and let the real you emerge all the time.


Lastly, respect is very essential. If you are the kind of lady that talks rudely to guys and if they are not looking rich, you write them off, my dear, you are going to survive the decade and still be in your father’s house afterwards. No matter how beautiful you are, never look down on anyone because you never know who is who.

Finding love for men


You’ve got more crucial work to do when it comes to being confident. If you can not stand up for yourself and let your feelings be known to the lady of your choice, you are not ready. You will forever be friend-zoned, brother zoned, uncle zoned, so, no matter how intimidating the lady might look, talk your mind, she no fit kill you.

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Secondly, persistence is one major thing you need to find and get your love. If she said no the first time and you give up, then I am sure you do not love the lady like you claim, especially when you can see the green lights. Keep showing her in the little ways you can that you love her, and hopefully, she will grow to love you.


Lastly, patience works hand in hand with persistence. They say, ‘A real man will always be patient because a woman that is worth it will never be easy to get’. Some ladies tend to be a piece of work, but patience is the key.

More on finding love

No man wants a lady with a 32-inches long wig covered head, full of air. No man wants a liability. You need to have something to show that you are up to the task and same goes for the men, no lady wants a man that is not responsible enough to be independent. Both parties must have something to offer. You must both be a ‘split the bill’ fan.


In conclusion, love is fascinating, rushing it only causes issues. Take your time. There is no deadline in finding love, hence, do not be in a hurry. Heartbreak is real, and it can be excruciating. Settling with the wrong partner can turn your life into a total mess, so wait and observe. It will eventually come together and never forget that saying that says, ‘If it is yours, it will come back to you.’



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