6 Ways Creative Activities Can Benefit Your Mental Health


From writing to playing musical instruments, sketching to crafting, creativity is something we’re all born with.

However, with busy schedules and an obsession with technology, so many of us invest little or no time in creative activities.

Unfortunately, this underutilization of our creative potentials can lead to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and even depression.

If you suddenly have the urge to do something creative, Do not ignore it!

Asides keeping you productive.. Here are 6 great ways creative activities can benefit your mental health.

 • It relieves stress

Ever noticed that sometimes when you play instruments or paint you get lost in your thoughts?

This is because creative activities have the same effects on the mind and body as meditation.

Creative activities can be said to be “yoga for the brain” as it calms your mind and helps you relax, relieving stress in the process.

 • It enhances brain function

Working the same job for a long period of time can limit a person’s thought process.

If for instance, you’ve been working as a banker for 10 years, your thoughts may circulate solely on banking and banking alone, thereby monopolizing your brain activity.

With creative activities, however, you can unlock and explore different areas of your brain.

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Creative activities such as knitting and writing aid the production of neurons, and protects existing ones. This helps maintain a fully functional central nervous system!

 • It boosts your mood

We all feel down every now and then, especially during hard times or after losses.

Luckily, playing musical instruments or painting with your favorite track playing in the background can improve your mood immensely.

Studies have proven that creative activities improve a person’s emotional health.

It puts you in a state of calm and contentment, and also serves as an escape from everything else going on in your life.

Note though, that to get a mood boost from creative activities, you MUST enjoy it.

Therefore, do not put pressure on yourself to create something perfect. Simply have fun with the process.

creative activities

 • It improves mental health

Simple activities like sewing or crafting can boost the brain’s production of dopamine, which is a natural anti-depressant.

This, in turn, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

 • It helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

Alzheimer’s is one of the major illnesses connected to old age and one most people dread.

Luckily, while we can’t stop our minds from aging, we can reduce the risk of suffering from this illness.

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Rather than think of how 70 is still so far away, tailor your present habits to help ensure the future of your mental health.

Creative activities improve communication between the two sides of your brain, which helps prevent cognitive impairment.

Creativity is also great for people with dementia. Through painting, sewing, or writing, a person with dementia can tap into their personalities.

Frequently practicing creative activities also helps sharpen their senses.

 • It makes you smarter

Research shows that people who create music, play instruments, or listen frequently to music have a strong connectivity between the left and right sides of their brains.

The right side of the brain focuses on the melody and the left is responsible for motor functions. When these two parts communicate frequently, your cognitive abilities will improve!

Creative Activities: Bottom Line

Isn’t it great that carrying out what could be termed as hobbies can actually benefit your mental health?

So write in your journal, paint an object, or create new tunes with your guitar. Try out knitting or gardening today, and start enjoying all of these benefits!


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