Becoming more creative in the new year

becoming more creative in new year

When I say NEW YEAR, I mean the entire year – not just a few days into the beginning of the year and then you return back to your shell of creative block. It can be hard at times when you cannot get yourself to do those creative arts that get your spirits high and lightens up your day; there are days when you cannot phantom a particular reason why your mood is just so down. And if you are like me who feels like crap whenever I am not creating contents in a week; just because this is part of my source of livelihood and I need to work) you need a pick-me-up.

becoming more creative in new year

Do Not Overlook the Little Things

First of all, you need to be aware of everything around you; the little things that once provided you with inspiration and the big things that most of us solely consider as muse. Whatever it is, find it. You might not understand it but it is just human psychology; inspirations are there solely to get your spirit pumping, to increase the flow of your creative juice and to prepare you to take opportunities as soon as they come your way.

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What I am saying is this; you can also bloom where you are planted, no matter how uneasy it may seem you can be inspired by your environment and create masterpieces. These days creators are searching for contents with originality, I am saying to you do not underestimate your locals; take a walk and observe and create something out of the ordinary.

Make Use of Your Alone Time, be creative

In addition, your alone time is your “golden time’’, do not joke with it. Especially for us creators, we do need our quiet time. Do you notice that your best work comes during those quiet moments when your mind is completely settled and your aloneness is suddenly solitude for being more creative? You need to cultivate the habit of spending time with yourself, meditate and transform your ideas into plans.

Make Valuable Friends

Do not underestimate the power of collaborations. Make friends within your niche who understands the same things you are going through. They are the people who share your plight, they are the people who you feel save sharing your curiosities with. This is because you know they will get you, and they are the ones you share the same passion and zeal with. Create days in the week when you can meet up with them; talking to them can often leave your inspired or earn you creative opportunities.

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You Got To Work, be creative

Finally, hard work is a major recipe for success. I really cannot stress this enough. You need to put in the effort. In the coming year, do not be one of those people who merely fantasize about the results. And do not be among those that are not willing to create something. You are creator, prove it. Create. Work consistently and believe in yourself. It does not have to be a masterpiece at the first instant, even genius make mistakes. If it was that easy, anybody will be as successful as Mark Zuckerberg. In conclusion, be creative at all cost.

Becoming more creative

In conclusion, by now, most people know hard work pays. To more creative in the new year, put in the work. Do not overlook little things, they might be your bang. Your alone time is precious, find the treasure in it. Lastly, make valuable friends. Your clique will most likely determine the kind of doors you get to access in life.



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