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We wrote on what to expect after cover-19 pandemic, and highlighted that there would be the emergence of new industries and that the government will increase support to improve non-oil revenue points.

You can now apply for funding from Lagos State for all business/services that will cushion the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apply for Lagos State Funding

The Lagos stage science research and innovation council, which is the funding body is calling for fund ready, innovative solutions towards alleviating the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Lagos State Funding will provide direct funding towards research initiatives and innovative projects around the following.

Funding for Research Applications

You can get the Lagos State funding if you require funding for a business or idea that improves food security in the state, you can apply here.

The state plans to ensure the integrity of the agricultural value chain which is critical to the survival and prosperity of Lagos State.


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Innovative Projects Apply for Lagos State Funding

Funding for Innovative Applications

If you require the Lagos State funding for fast-tracked detection techniques, products and services around Covid-19 or working towards experiments and productions towards a cure or vaccine or any life-saving drug, you can apply for funding here.

Businesses geared towards manufacturing which will help reduce reliance on importation are also advised to apply for the Lagos State funding here.

The goal of LASRIC is to make Lagos State one of the world’s knowledge hubs through the application of Science and Technology.

We would bring you more useful information and updates on Covid-19 and any other aspect of life to help saddle you to a path of self-improvement.

Please drop a comment about your experience with the application and share this post with someone who might need funding.


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