6 of Entrepreneurs challenges and solutions

entrepreneurs challenges

Entrepreneurs challenges are “die-hard” follower of every entrepreneurs’ success story. Entrepreneurship not what you can attain on a platter of gold. After all, no good thing comes easily. Entrepreneurs have to tackle a series of situations daily.

entrepreneurs challenges

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Entrepreneurs challenges and solutions

Entrepreneurs so many a times tackles some situations in business that doesn’t come out with positive results. However, failure is an experience bound to happen one way or the other in order to attain success in life.

Failure might come at different stages which can be at the early stage, mid-stage or later stages in business. Notwithstanding, what really matters is learning from these mistakes.

Also, these challenges helps you to fully understand the functionality of the business. It helps you prepare your mind for upcoming challenges and this alone makes it less challenging for you to tackle.

Nevertheless, these few suggestions would help out in the crooked times in business.

#1 Aimless Advancement

It’s, sometimes, a normal phenomenon for entrepreneurs to lose sight of the reason why they are in business. They can even forget their business plan. Most of the time, this is as a result of low self-esteem or failure to understand the situation. It can also be due to lack of proper research of the business and creative thinking. Note: WITHOUT AIM THERE IS NO GOAL.

The Solution to #1 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Ensure there is a separation between your personal being and business, avoid excessive entanglements.
  • Irrespective of the fact that you are a newbie; You should be able to sit back and analyze the business world. Hence, helps you achieve the best result.
  • Never lose track of your vision for the business and ensure alignment with it.
  • Also, Be strategic about every move you outline to take in the business and never be sceptical.
  • Lastly, ensure to ignited the spirit that led to the establishment of the business.
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 #2 Lack of Research

It would be a scheme of intentional failure to lunch into a business without proper research on the business. Ensure a proper and complete research of the S.W.O.T.

S – Strength
W – Weakness
O – Opportunity
T – Threat

A complete research helps decide your penetration and helps you analyse how to get the best out of the business.

The knowledge of your S.W.O.T. shouldn’t restrict you from making other useful research and avoid relying on outsourcing business service.

 Be sure to invest your time into looking into the activities of your proposed competitive companies as well; Your business represents you as well it’s not just about making profit alone.

Note: Launching into a business without proper research is like a planned suicide.

The Solution to #2 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Ensure to analyze the trends of your business regularly.
  •  Set your priorities clear and never mix up two or more things. Keep your to-do list short for the time and try to stick by it.
  • Have an insight of how competitors handles some major crisis
  • Lastly, measure your company growth regularly.

#3 Hiring and Firing

From observations, it has been discovered that most entrepreneurs fear getting people on board and off-board. Sincerely, hiring and firing process can be a great burden. Nonetheless, getting people who have the same vision of your business to work with can be almost impossible. However, it is actually possible.

This is a very vital issue, which is inescapable in business. It gets a point where you definitely must hire and a wrong decision falls back at you definitely. Be sure to adapt to a ‘customer-centric approach’. Note: A wrong turn taken in hiring can ruin the hard built business.

The Solution to #3 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Ensure the job role and responsibilities are well defined and details clear.
  • Be more specific when using a third party hiring.
  • Take time to shortlist applying candidates and try to understand their personality.
  • Be sure to do away with the saviour complex when firing a staff/worker
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#4 Perseverance is the Key

Ditching the corporate world and moving unto entrepreneurship is a common way to seeking freedom from Employers.

However, once we notice the unknown troubles in setting up the business, we often flee. We tend to forget our tough beginnings. The fact that it’s not always just handshake and joy of meeting and connecting with new people. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Note: Risks and Rewards come along equally with it.

The Solution to #4 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Perseverance and passion are the keys to good business.
  • Remember your business is a double – edge, giving up is never an option.

#5  Follow the Fundamentals

Once focus is attained, get down to understanding your customers and avoid complications.

Consumers tend to flock to newly established business. Whereas the only thing that makes them a potential client is what you offer. Ensure and stick with your uniqueness and prove it.

The Solution to #5 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Offer your customers your uniqueness.   
  • Consider looking into things that might not be your first priority but are equally important for the business.

#6 Financial Planning

Finance is the backbone of any business no matter the hardworking team you have.

It’s common with newbie in business to crash due to financial issues. It is, therefore, essential that finance is given enough attention as well as other things in the business.

Most common financial issues arise due to company compliances which mostly directors are unaware. Note: Finance is super essential in starting up.

The Solution to #6 Entrepreneurs challenges

  • Ensure enough and critical planning of the business.

Last notes on Entrepreneurs challenges

In conclusion, make sure to carry an insight on the progress in the business. This effort will aid you in planning the betterment of your business. Also, Ensure alignment with goals, strategies, and plans for your business. Also, never take a loan when there are no set plans on paying.  Conduct a complete review of your plan once the plan is working and generating results. Lastly, keep a record of every financial report and definitely the initial financial dealings.


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