5 Awesome Herbal Plant That Improve Health

harbal plant

Herbal plant is useful for medical purposes. We have millions of plants in the world today and they are good for medicine. Most of these herbs can be found in rural areas, due to the gross urbanisation of the cities. Also, these herbs possess various clinical powers that have solutions to our various health problems.

herbal plant

Today I will treat Five(5) herbal plants in Nigeria, that are medically useful for us. Don’t miss 8 Foods You Must Avoid To Get Pregnant Quicker.

5 Medical Herbal Plant

1.Scientific/Botanical name: Bryophyllum pinnatum

Yoruba (Abamoda), Edo (Dawenshin). This herb is popularly known as the leaf of Life. The medical parts: Root and leaves.


  1. Asthma
  2. Dysentery
  3. High Blood pressure
  4. All cases of worms
  5. Constipation
  6. It is a good diabetics agent

Preparation and usage

When you find this herbal plant, cut it or grind it. Dry it in the sun for some hours. After it has been properly dried using the mixture for tea,or mix it with honey. Take twice daily. If you are treating cough, please put the dried leaves in warm water for five minutes, and drink in the morning and evening for three days.

2.Scientific/Botanical name: Newbouldia laevis

Yoruba (Akoko), Igbo (Ogirisi) Hausa (Aduruku) Edo (Ikhimi)

Ailments that it treats:

a. It is very useful for arthritis and rheumatism. b. The leaves are used for laxatives. c. The bark is used for the treatment of spasms and epilepsy. d. It is an antimalarial herbal plant e. Used for the treatment of skin infections like eczema,rashes and measles.

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How to prepare it:

Your should prepare this herbal plant like a concoction. Chop off both the leaf and bark.Find a pot, preferably a clay pot.Put the leaves and barks inside it, with lime fruit and water used in preparing papa. Put on fire for 20 to 30 minutes. Leave to cool a little. Take a teacup (with or without natural honey) early in the morning for a week. Stop for a while, then reuse again.

3. Botanical and scientific name: Vernonia amygdalina

Igbo (Olugbu/Onubu), Yoruba (Ewuro), Hausa (Mayemaye), Edo (Oriwo)

Ailments that it’s is beneficial for:

a. This plant enriches and facilitates  milk production in nursing mothers. b. In some villages ,it is used to shrink the uterus after childbirth.Please desist from using it ,when trying to have children. c. The mixture is used to treat feverish conditions. d. Also for  people suffering from the pile,it is very effective against the infection. e. It is used for expelling worms

How to prepare it:

For those of us who want to use it to treat various skin diseases, kindly scrub the fresh leaves on your palms and use the juice coming out of it to rub the affected part. For other medications, rinse with distilled water. Then soak the washed leaves in water and squeeze gently into a mixture. Take this mixture for two to three weeks and your health will improve.

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4. Botanical/Scientific name: Ricinodendron heudelotii

Edo (Erinmadu epo), Igbo (Okwe), Hausa (Waawan Kurmin), Yoruba (Erinmado).

Benefits of this herb:

  1. The bark is used to treat anaemia.
  2. You should use it for cold and catarrh.
  3. It is used for treating wounds and heal cuts
  4. Oedema is a disease that this herb can cure.
  5. Treatment of various STDS like gonorrhoea,syphilis and other toilet infections

How to prepare it:

The seeds and bark are important. After extracting the seed from the pulp, boil them in water for some minutes, then let it cool down. Dry them in the sun, then grind them and used them in mixtures. The back is chew-able.

5.Botanical/scientific name: Cyathula prostrate

Yoruba (Sawere pepe), Igbo (Agbirigba) Hausa (Danka dafi)

Benefits of this plant:

a. This mixture will ease menstrual pains b. It is useful against burns, sores and fractures c. Treats cholera and Typhoid d. It is beneficial to treat aches, headaches and otitis e. This plants flower is an absolute expectorant.


Extract and squeeze the three herbs together with water. You can take the mixture by oral method. For skin infections, rub the juice on the parts that are in need of the medication. In conclusion, this is the first edition of the article. If you know any working herb you can share your experience here. Health is wealth.



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