These 4 Food will give you healthy eyesight

healthy eyesight

One of popular saying in Africa is “eye is the king of the body“. Of course, the eye is a core part of our system, hence, the need to keep healthy eyesight.

healthy eyesight

Daily intake of a healthy and well-balanced diet is a major factor in keeping healthy eyesight. Healthy meals decrease the chances of developing various eye defects. Before proceeding, I hope you read this article on online courses.

Food that contain various range of nutrients; minerals (antioxidant) and vitamins may help to reduce the risk of developing various eye defects. Healthy eyesight requires antioxidants such as vitamins A, vitamins C, and vitamins E, beta – carotene, zinc, lutein e.t.c.

Healthy eyesight through a balanced diet

We can avoid the following eye defects with the help of balanced diet:

  1. Cloudy vision (cataracts).
  2. Very poor night vision.
  3. Macular degeneration caused by age.
  4. Eye dryness e.t.c

Balanced diet contain varieties of protein, fruits, vegetables and dairy products which we can also enjoy in inviting recipes. I will be breaking it down further in this article as you read on.


Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, which makes its consumption good for healthy eyesight e.g Salmon fish. Omega-3 fatty acids support visual development and also helps to improve the health of the retina.

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Fish meals also helps to reduce the risk of having a dry eye. Fish can be fried, grilled, boiled etc., for a simple and tasty dinner. Also, the addition of fish into a few weeks in a month goes a long way in improving healthy eyesight. Check out these facts.


The yolks found in an egg contains vital nutrients that help and support healthy eyesight. Major nutrients that helps the health of the eye are lutein, zinc, vitamin A and zeaxanthin.

The above characteristics make the consumption of egg a great deal for the improvement of the eye’s health. The various nutrients found in the yolk of an egg play major role in guarding the cornea (eye surface). They help to reduce the chances of having age-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Also, they contribute to the health of the retina and also help the eye to see clearly in the night.

I personally enjoy eggs in the morning as breakfast. We can as well take in the afternoon as lunch. And we can eat egg as dinner. Egg is an all-round meal that can fit into snacks too. Most popular way to enjoy egg is to hard boil it.

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Nuts are generally good for healthy eyes. And the one great nut is the almonds. Almonds are nuts that contains vitamin E. Of which, vitamin E helps to guard the eyes from unstable molecules that target the healthy tissue.

The vitamin E can also help to prevent eye conditions related to age; such as macular degeneration as well as cataracts. Other nuts that contain vitamin E are peanuts, sunflower seeds etc.

Almonds contain more calories, hence, we can take it as a snack on its own. We can also add Almonds to cereals, yoghurt, and salad.


Milk and yoghurt are examples of dairy product which are also good for the improvement of healthy eyesight. They contain vitamin (vitamin A) and minerals (zinc). The vitamin helps to protect the cornea; while the mineral helps to bring the vitamins from the liver to the eye.

Also, dairy products help with night vision and also reduces chances of having cataracts. The mineral (zinc can be found in the retina and choroid. Dairy products can be enjoyed as a snack and can also be enjoyed in a coffee


Taking care of the eye and eating healthy foods for the eye is very important. Therefore, always eat a well-balanced diet. Also include egg, fish, almonds, and dairy products in your meal every week.



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