10 Online courses that can saddle your life.

10 online courses

It’s August, isn’t now an excellent time to add to your knowledge? I will be revealing some 10 online courses that can improve your life in this piece. August is generally perceived as back-to-school season, however, not just a season for full-time students. If you wish to learn something new, and you have internet access; this season can be an excellent time for an online course.

10 online courses

10 online courses you can enroll now

With the advent of technology, classroom limitation, tuition, and time will not be a constraint with an online course. Check out these 10 online courses that may interest you.


We all should know how to take great pictures, especially when the majority of us have smartphones and social media accounts. Appearing great on social media a big deal for everybody, especially the female folks selling online.  

All you need in this online course is just your smartphone. However, you need to have a keen interest in the fundamental principles of photography. An actual cameral is much better in my personal opinion.  

This online photography course will take you through delving into exposure, composition, and more. Hence, you will be able to show off a final project of pictures on Instagram and your other social networks.


Next on the list of 10 online courses that you can take this August is about our pet. Obesity of pets have become a serious issue because it is involved in many of their other health problems. Since our dear dogs can’t learn a safe lifestyle and make changes without our involvement, it’s solely left to us to help them.

Natural dog nutrition and well-being” course will give you vast knowledge of giving your dog a long and happy life. You will be able to give your dog a proper lifestyle they need to live a healthy and longer life with you.

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Here are some notable parts of the course; Hidden Household Hazards, Foods for Common Health IssuesHealthy Homemade Treats, and The Truth About Commercial Dog Food.


You will agree with me that internet security have become a hot cake for personnel in this field. The chance to learn how cybersecurity Gurus fight hackers trying to hack. And how hackers exploit hacking in the first place. Cybersecurity will help you protect yourself from hackers. Also, it will put you in a field of sought-after professionals. This course perfectly explains prevalent hacking attacks and forms of malware. It also tutors you about protection techs like firewalls, biometrics, antiviruses, encryption, biometrics, and authentication methods.


A Hand lettering course is a practical skill that can also help you relived stress. Hand lettering course will not be a wasted effort, whether you want to learn it for additional income or just for fun.

In this course, the instructor will help you through the process of simplifying complicated pieces into simple methods, using materials you might already have in your house.


At this stage of life, if you are still not clear what climate change is, you are not alone. Do not think its too late to ask or learn a few things about our earth.

“Our earth’s future” course from the American Museum of Natural History is perfect for you. You will enjoy been led by great instructors who are Earth scientists, Climatologists, and other professionals. These professionals will explain how climate change can affect our ways of life. By the completion of the course, you’ll be able to identify misconceptions, summarise fundamental principles, and be well-informed enough to take part in global and local discussions.


The history of Hollywood as an industry is as valuable as its remarkable actors. The University of Pennsylvania presents this course in Hollywood. 

You will be taught how the movie industry developed through technology and how it reacted to American political crises. Imagine the possibility of studying large studios like Disney and Paramount. Also, you will get to study fabulous directors like Spike Lee and George Lucas.

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Yale is offering this course on classical music where you will learn valuable in-depth of music. You will not only learn major players in classical music, but you will also explore what music is. You will also learn about the chemistry of music with strong emotions. This course will, obviously, show you how music is made. 

This course will comb you through the evolution of classical music, which wasn’t always deemed “classical.” 

Finally, if you can complete this course, you will have a broad perception of music that enhances your daily listening.


Our cultural obsession with superheroes is touching the sky. We can see that from the box office record set by the Avengers’ Endgame movie. Hence, you are seeing it on the list of the 10 online courses you can do this August.

The late Stan Lee, in conjunction with other experts, hosts this history course. They tackle subjects like the origin of superheroes in 1938 and their World War II “Golden Age,” the genre’s ebb and flow over the decades, and so much more.


The order of the day at every bake sale or potluck dinner are chocolate cookies. However, it will be fabulous to steal the show sometimes with something different. How about a melt-in-your-mouth macaron. In this miniature course, Colette Christian, who is former Le Cordon Bleu instructor, will be your tutour. You will go through every tricky process of baking superb French delicacies. These delicacies will, however, include opera cakes, macarons, tartlets, and madeleines.


It is noteworthy to mention that this is a free course. Imagine getting an in-depth insight into psychology, politics of mindfulness, and philosophy at no cost. We live in a fast-paced, digital society, and mindfulness has been helping many people overcome anxiety or stress. Fortunately, it can help you, too.

This course will also teach you how to harness mindfulness power to improve your state of mind in a lasting way. Although I put it last on the list of the 10 online courses, it is, however, very important.


In conclusion, you agree with me that these are courses that will improve your life. Fortunately, it is online, hence, the restriction will be limited to the lack of internet access. The comment section open for more suggestions. I hope you find something useful from these 10 online courses.


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