10 brutal creativity truths we all neglect

creativity truths revealed

What is there to saddle about creativity truths? And most especially, no one is talking about them. Humanity has shown great respect for creativity throughout time. Right from the ancient Greeks to our modern-day web designers, graphics artists, painters, and poets.

creativity truths revealed

Creativity is one of those things that are extremely hard to define. However, we know it when we see one. It also helps some of us as our driving force, to the extent of creating an entire category of workers that we refer to as “creative”. I hope you read how to saddle becoming more creative.

The 10 Brutal creativity truths

Although creativity is magical, it is, however, a good and bad kind of magic. It tends to make us think that being “creative” is sufficient; that if you have this hard-to-define gift, then hard work is not as important anymore.

Oh dear, that is clear-cut lie; and I am not sorry to break it to you. Creativity is awesome and important, but it is never the be-all and end-all. If you’re going to do your best creative work — and isn’t that what we all want? — then it’s time to accept these 10 creativity truths you might have been neglecting.

1. Original creatives

Let’s face it truthfully, there is nothing like an original idea. Building on each other’s idea if one of the most beautiful features of humanity. We can combine little ideas and some adjustments to create innovations.

I am not saying that you are not the inventor of that innovation, but, can we please not call it original? My dear let’s not call it original.

2. Inspiration from heaven

We like to think of inspiration “striking” us at unlikely moments — and it does. (We’ve all had that shower moment, right?) The problem is, we attribute that moment to some mystical magic coming out of the air.

“I was in the toilet when they brought the inspiration that led to that innovation. It struck me like a lightning and I couldn’t ignore it until I turned it to reality.”


Of course, we all have that shower moments. When inspiration that led to something huge dawn on us. However, we all like to think of it as some magic that comes from heaven or air.

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Shelly H. Carson (PhD), a researcher at Harvard, refer to this moment as the “incubation period“. She said this happens as a result of “divergent thinking” or those moments when we’re distracted and allowing our mind to think about other things.

Hence, the random or mythical feeling. Because our brain is consciously working on other things, but our subconscious is working without realizing it.

3. Creative people are rare

Every one of us likes to feel special, however, the brutal creativity truths is everyone is creative. Every single human possess the quality that we refer to as creativity. The level of anyone’s creativity depend on how hard you work and how hard we learn.

Your creativity is worthless if you are not pumping out the supply of those connected dots. You can be the most talented in the world, but that can not automatically award you with the most creative.

4. Is inborn creativity one of creativity truths?

On the note of revealing creativity truths, simply put, you are not born with creativity. Although, those who have failed in creativity might feel better; Nobody was born with creativity.

According to Jory MacKay, we all can train our brain to be more creative. We can achieve this if we often indulge in creative works. Also, colleges and universities all over the world teach creativity.

To think that creativity is some stuffs of skills we are born with is simply a myth that can not possibly be true.

5. Creativity is easy

Creativity truths say that is not true. As a matter of facts, all roads that lead to successful creativity are hard. Many people give in to frustration when they could not complete a project. This is because we tend to think it’s a block in our creative road. That’s also not true.

“The frustration, the hard part, the obstacle, the insecurities, the difficulty, the ‘I don’t know what to do with this thing now,’ – that is the creative process.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Therefore, rage when you can’t control the rage! It wouldn’t be worth doing, in the first place, if it is not hard.

6. Brainstorming leads to innovate

Although collaboration can be very essential for great creative outcome, but classic brainstorming is not the right way to achieve it.

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Rather than starting at a round table and seeking everyone’s little ideas as it comes. It is highly recommended to permit everyone to come up with their ideas before bringing them to the group.

The combination of different ideas give room for cross-pollination. There and then everyone in the group should go back and meditate on what they gathered. That’s where true excellent collaboration originates from.

7. Fear is part of creativity truths

Fear is as present as creativity deposits in all of us. Fear is the first defence our body up against harm, either it is physical or psychological harm.

For a creative mind, working on an idea, fear is how your body is informing you to be alert to the great way your brain is working. It is a sign you are working on something great. Rather than running away from this fear, embrace it, own it, take it up. It can land you in a higher level.

8. I can do it alone

First of all, as human, we work better when we get good support. Don’t get me wrong, you can do great exploit alone, however better if you had great support.

Imagination of a lone creator working alone for days in a terrace in London is something that seems cool. But it is not realistic for a good productivity. The support you require do not necessarily have to come from someone with the same creative. You could be sharing your ideas with friends over a drink.

Also, while you are engulfed in that creative process, who is cleaning the house, who is cooking the meals and will be helping with chores? Truth is, we can’t do it alone.

Successful people have been working with teams, though they might not get proper recognition deserving of their contributions. To create something great in our timeline, you require great support.

9. It doesn’t get easier

I am sorry to break this to you, but it doesn’t matter how good you become in your creativity — being creative never gets easier. It does, however, get more satisfying and worthwhile. Fortunately, that is what we are all pushing for.

10. Bonus does aid creativity

We had like to think that the higher the pay, the better the creativity. Creativity truths say otherwise, just the exact opposite.

This is not to reduce appreciation for good work. But if you intend to make higher reward for a creative with the sole intention of getting higher creative, they don’t correlate.

Christian Jarrett cited a study from Harvard Business School where they put art created for pleasure and art created for pay in front of a panel. The judges were not informed which work was which. In the end, they rated the work created for pleasure consistently higher than the one created for money.


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